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Represented by:

Characters (BC) (604) 733-9800 / (604) 733-6000(fax)

Master Talent Agency (CA) (818) 928-5032 / (310) 486-0050 (after hours)

Top Ten Talent (CA) (818) 415-8917


Monster Trucks

Supporting/Paramount Pictures

Chris Wedge


Supporting/WWE Studios

Stephen Reynolds


Supporting / Big Phantom Films

Kabir Khan

Crit - Sit 593


Jonathan Michael Tanner

Behind Closed Doors

Lead/ The Acting Syndicate

Eddie Smith

Courage Doesn't Ask

Lead/ Zaydoe Films

Joe Acton

Boy Culture


Allan Brocka

Number 2

Supporting / 911 Media

Dave Russo


Supporting / Tri-Film Studios

Jennie Peabody

The Sighting

Lead / Museum of Glass

Sam Vance


Track&Field Athlete / Buena Vista

Steve James


Wendy Williams: The Movie

Supporting/ Lifetime Studios

Darren Grant

The Crossing

Recurring / ABC Studios

Various Directors


Co-Star / Primary Wave Entertainment

Bobby Farrelly

Garage Sale Mysteries: Murder in D Minor

Co-Star / Hallmark Channel

Neill Fearnley


Recurring / FOX

Nathan Hope


Co-Star / CBS Studios

Michael Katleman

With Love, Christmas

Co-Star / Hallmark Channel

Marita Grabiak

Home For Christmas Day

Co-Star / Hallmark Channel

Gary Harvey

The Flash

Co-Star / Warner Bros. Television

JJ Makaro


Co-Star / Aftermath Prod./Halfire Ent.

Jason Stone

A Time To Dance

Co-Star / Hallmark Channel

Michael Rohl


Co-Star / NBC Universal TV

Norberto Barba

Bates Motel

Co-Star / A&E Television Network

TJ Scott


Co-Star / Warner Bros. Television

Lexi Alexander

Dead of Summer

Co-Star / ABC Signature

Alrick Riley

Daughter for Sale

Co-Star / Unleashed Productions Inc.

Farhad Mann

White Hot

Co-Star / Hallmark Channel

Mark Jean


Co-Star / TV Land/Impastor Productions

Clark Mathis

The Whispers

Co-Star/ABC Studios

Guillermo Navarro


Co-Star/ FOX21/USA Network

Deran Sarafian


Co-Star / FOX / Warner Bros

Joel Wyman

Joey Dakota (Pilot)

Co-Star / CBS / CW Network

Allan Arkush


Co-Star / GEP Productions

Reginald Hudlin


Co-Star / ABC Studios / Visitors Films

Bryan Spicer


Co-Star / CW Network

Mike Rohl


Boeing- Tick Tick Tick

Lead- Boeing Productions

Rick Turnbaugh


Shrink Ray

D. Heinrich/T. Downing

Microsoft SBC

Lead - Kirk

Von Piglet Productions


Principal/Salesperson/C2 Creative

Robin Cohen

Fred Hutchinson Cancer

Lt. Bill Reid/Lead

Dan Heinrich/The Acting Syndic

Microsoft Vista

Co-Star/ TriFilm/Microsoft Studios

Jason Brown

Quest Diagnostics

Lead/Magichour Productions

Joan Melgaard

The Nike Project

Lead / Kennedy Studios

Kurt Kennedy


Lead/Sockeye Creative

Sockeye Creative

Microsoft IWave

Co-Star / Microsoft Studios

Jennie Peabody

KCTS - Tolaris Project

Co-Star / KCTS/Television

David Leonard

Windows XP

Co-Star / Microsoft Studios

Jennie Peabody

Microsoft Solutions

Co-Star/Microsoft Studios

Jeannie Peabody


The August Wilson Series- Jitney

Multiple Roles Broadway Center

Rosalind Bell

Second Chances for Grace

Langston/UW Ethnic Culture Theatre

Mark Moser

Sign in Sydney Burnstein's

Alton / Bare Knuckles Acting Co.

J.D. Coburn

Fear Not (DVD)

Newscaster/NW Foursquare

Marc Wymore

The Karaoke Singer

Cowboy/The Acting Co.

Mark Munsell

The Twelve

Thomas / NW Foursquare

Heidi Todd

Lovers and Strangers

Hal / Bare Knuckles Acting Co

J.D. Coburn

2003/04 FUEL Film Festival

Emcee / NW Foursquare

Sheldon Koch

Our Town

Samuel / Norton Clapp

Geoff Prohel


Creon / Norton Clapp

John Rindo

Pool of Bethesda

Figg / Norton Clapp

John Rindo

Our Country's Good

Rev. Johnson / Norton Clapp

Geoff Prohel

Acting Training

Margie Haber Studio-Advanced study

Advanced study , private coaching

Robin Dale Meyers

Meisner Technique Comprehensive Training Ongoing

Playhouse West

Robert Carnegie

Meisner Technique Comprehensive Training Ongoing

The Acting School

J.D. Coburn

Jack Plotnick Workshops

Acting/Auditioning/Cold Reading

Various theater locations/lLA

Gary Austin's Workshops


Deaf West Theater/various LA

Anastasia Bandey

Coaching, Audition Performance

RainShadow Professional Coaching

Carrie Williams- Acting, Branding,

Marketing and Coaching

Truth In Acting

Performers Managment

Richard Liedle

B.A. - Theater Arts

University of Puget Sound

University of Puget Sound

Specialized- Media and Performance

Clover Park Technical College

Clover Park Technical College

Honors & Awards

MOVIEGUIDE's 25th Annual Awards

Grace Award Winner

A Time To Dance

IMDB: http://m.imdb.com/name/nm2565334/

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 225 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Bald

Hair Length: Bald (total)


Certified coach (FB), Collegiate Football, Combat Movment, Community Recreation, Coordinator of Fitness, Director of Programs, High School Drama Dir., Personal Training, Spokesman, Sport Training, Writing, Youth Mentor, Aerobics, Baseball, Basketball, Combat - Stage, Football, Soccer, Softball, Weight Lifting, Firearms, Licensed Driver, Teleprompter, American - Southern Accent