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Crossbeam Talent (GA) (770) 313-2739 Commercial, Theatre, Voiceover, Modeling, Print, Hosting / Public Appearances

Gravity-Hill Agency (LA) (225) 328-4452 / (818) 731-4211 Commercial, Theatre, Voiceover, Modeling, Print, Hosting / Public Appearances

Linda McAlister Talent - Commercial Div (TX) (972) 938-2433 / (972) 948-1199

Linda McAlister Talent - Film/TV Div (TX) (972) 938-2433 / (972) 948-1199 Theatrical (Film / TV), Commercial, Theatre, Voiceover, Modeling, Print, Hosting / Public Appearances


Shadows of My Past

Mother Green

Directed by/ Jae Dyer

The Beautiful Struggle


Directed by/ Rock White


Aunt Martha

Directed by/ Arthur Muhammad

Blue Ridge

Mayor Brady

Directed by/ Brent Christy


Nurse Wesley

Directed by/Gloria Stella

Trap Soldiers

Mayor Paula Wilson

Directed by/Arthur Muhammad

Mona Lisa and The Blood Moon

Tanisha Robbins

Directed by/Ana Lily Amirpour

Now You See Me

Supporting/Josepha Hickie

Directed by/ Louis Leterrier


Teacher Marie Anne

Directed by/ Ely Bams

Seven Hundred Miles

Co- Starring/Robyn

Directed by/Cameron Short

Mom's Night Out


Directed by/Jon Erwin


Supporting/Sheriff Clerk

Directed by/ Ric Roman Waugh

Broken City

Supporting/Secretary Hostetler

Allens Hughes

Straight A's

Supporting/Ms. Carole

Directed by/ James Cox

A Race Against Time

Lead/Sonia Butler

Directed by/Maurice Duram

Hurrican Season


Directed by/Tim Story

Dirty Politics


Directed by/Steven Esteb

Wonderful World


Directed by/Josha Goldin

You Better Run


Directed by/David Beier

The Last Lullaby


Directed by/Jeffery Goodman


Lead/Ms. Dee

Directed by/William Pose


Blue Ridge TV

Mayor Brady

Directed by/ Gary Wheeler

Sacrifice Season 1

Recurring Misty Cross

Directed by/ Oz Scott

Cloak and Dagger

Detective #1

Directed by/Ami Canaan Mann

NCIS New Orleans


Directed by/Ed Orneles

Fatal Attraction

Supporting/Detective Feaster

Directed by/Rex Short

Christmas on the Bayou

Supporting/Local Woman

Directed by/ Leslie Hope

Bail Out

Co-Starring/ Officer Wilma Woods

Directed by/Dennis Oneil

Break Out Kings

Supporting/Cop #2

Directed by/ Clarque Johnson

Wild Card

Supporting/The Pro

Directed by/ Tim Matheson

New Orleans Tourism

Lead/Female Tourist

Directed by/Louis Koemer


Supporting/Parent #2

Directed by/Tim Roberts

Memphis Beat

Co-Starring/Hood Woman

Directed by/ Joshua Harto

Queen Sized


Directed by/Peter Levin

A Year Without Santa


Directed by/Ron Underwood


Physician Staffing

Emergency Room Doctor


Rude Boyz Printing

Advertising Model

Rude Boyz/Tampa Florida


Scene Breakdown

Glenn Morshower

The Extra Mile

Intensive Techniques

Tasha Smith

TSAW/Altanta GA.

Advance Techniques

Jeffery NightByrd

Acclaim Talent

On Camera Workshop

Jeffery NightByrd

Acclaim Talent


Ryan Glorioso

Glorioso Casting

Stage Presentation

Maurice Owens

High Performance/Tampa

Odessa Feaster, born Odessa Williams, stands as a sought-after American actress in both film and television, having graced productions such as "Now You See Me," "Snitch," "NCIS: New Orleans," and "Sacrifice" for nearly two decades. Over the last ten years, she has expanded her horizons into the realm of filmmaking, showcasing her versatility and commitment to storytelling. What sets Odessa apart is not just her on-screen prowess, but also her dedication to mentoring women over 40, empowering them to pursue a

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 135 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Shoulder Length


cry on cue, improv, running, singing, stunt car driving, stunts, Aerobics, Body Building, Bowling, Boxing, Cycling, Cycling - Unicycle, Fishing, Football, Golf, Hula Hoop, Jump Rope, Motorcycle Riding - General, Roller Skating, Running - Sprint, Shooting - Rifle, Tennis, Track & Field, Weight Lifting, Audio Prompter, Comedian, Dance Hip Hop, Dancer, Disc Jockey, Ear Prompter, Host, Impressionist, Improvisation, Mime, Modeling, Motorcyclist, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Alto, Vocal Range: Soprano, Voiceover, African Accent, American - Southern Accent, Jamaican Accent