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  • Nathan D. Myers Aria Appleton Comedy Reel (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Nathan Directed the family comedy, Aria Appleton, in which he also appeared as Phillip Battlefield, a quirky Dad.

  • Nathan D. Myers Dramatic Reel (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Nathan has appeared in character roles, several times in AMS Pictures shows for Reelz Channel. "Murder Made Me Famous" and "The Price of Fame."

  • Nathan D. Myers Voice Demo (Audio Tracks)  Quicktime

    Nathan is an accomplished Bari-tenor with musical theatre and pop/rock experience. He has voiced several commercial and animated projects, and even toured with his biological brothers, the Myers Brothers Band-- opening for The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and others.

  • HOG HEAVEN (song montage) (Audio Tracks)  Quicktime

    "Hog Heaven" is an animated feature in the works- Faust meets The Three Little Pigs; it will be workshopped for the stage in New York and DFW including Nathan D. Myers as "Noel" and also Brian Gonzalez "Devlin" - of Broadway's cast of the musical, Putnam County Spelling Bee, Shrek & Aladdin. These are three of the songs in which Nathan is featured on the soundtrack.

  • ORDINARY GUY (song) (Audio Tracks)  Quicktime

    A track from The Myers Brothers Band album. Nathan sings the verses and harmony on the choruses...He also sings the step outs at the end of the song.

  • FAR AWAY (song) (Audio Tracks)  Quicktime

    Another track from The Myers Brothers Band album where Nate is singing lead on the verses.

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Clutts Agency, Inc. - Adult Division (TX) (214) 761-1400 Commercial, Hosting, Models, Print, Product Print, Public Appearances, SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical, Voice-Overs

Treasure Coast Talent, LLC (CA) (213) 262-9076


Washington's Armor (Feature)

Daniel Custis (Supporting)

Aaron Burns & Tammy Lane

Price of Fame 2.11 George Michael

Simon Napier Bell (Supporting)

REELZ Channel

Price of Fame 2.9 Eddie Murphy

Young Nick Nolte (Featured)

REELZ Channel

Price of Fame 2.5 Princess Diana

Ken Warfe (Supporting)

REELZ Channel

Price of Fame 1.3 Shania Twain

Mutt Lange (Supporting)

REELZ Channel

Murder Made Me Famous 3.6

Detective Mark Goldstein (Supporting)

REELZ Channel

Murder Made Me Famous 5.1

Inspector Spratling (Supporting)

REELZ Channel

Murder Made Me Famous 4.4

Prisoner (Featured)

REELZ Channel

Disney's Wizards of Waverly (TV)

Cute Guy (Featured)

It's a Laugh Productions

Aria Appleton (FEATURE)

Phillip Battlefield (Supporting)

Grafted Studios, Inc.

Bedtime Stories (168 FF Best Comedy Nom)

Dad (Principle)

Big Bald Baby Productions

Wrecked (SHORT)

Avatar (Principle)

NRHC Films

Prodigal (LSFF 2008 Feature Showcase)

Nathan Carter (Principle)

Epicstar Pictures

Who is Clinn 'Rippy?' (FEATURE)

Self (Supporting)

Traveling Bandito Films

Stalkers Dating Guide (AOFF Best Comedy)

Jeremy (Supporting)

Joanie Bird Productions

Hog Heaven (FEATURE)

Noel - Principle singing and speaking

William Cowling Film/Animation

O Holy Night (SHORT)

Martin (Supporting)

Tammy Lane Productions


Accountable 2 You


Daniel Stibral

Lifestyle Plan


Sophia Video Productions

Texas Lending Dot Com

Beach Bum (Principle)

Whiskey Bacon Club

Texas Council of Community Centers

Voiceover Narrator

KFM Productions, Anne Cates

Sell Your Home for Free dot com

Dad (Principle)



Casting Workshop

Jason LaPadura, CD


Ongoing Classes

Jason Davidson & D'Lytha Myers, M.A.

Fort Worth Actors Studio

Masterclass - Acting for Camera

Abbie Cobb

Fort Worth Actors Studio

Masterclass - Acting for Camera

Jay Armstrong Johnson

Fort Worth Actors Studio

Masterclass - Acting for Camera

Andrea Avery Ray

Fort Worth Actors Studio

Casting Workshop

Todd Sherry, Jackie Stander Matt Lasalle

The Network Studios, Sherman O

Acting for Camera

Dennis O'Neill

Dennis O'Neill School of Actin

Kids Who Care Musical Theatre

Deborah Jung

Kids Who Care

Nathan D. Myers is an Actor, Producer, Director who has most recently been seen in the miniseries Washington's Armor, and on REELZ Channel shows "The Price of Fame" & "Murder Made Me Famous" in several, rich character roles. Aria Appleton is a feature family comedy that began its festival circuit as an official showcase selection at the Lone Star Film Festival November 2016 and Nathan was nominated for Best Director at the ICFF in Orlando 2017. The film is nominated for best narrative feature at Content 19.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 160 lbs

Eyes: Hazel

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Short


Art Director, BEST Practitioner, Can draw paint, sculpt, Director, Producer, Songwriter, Baseball, Bowling, Cycling - Mountain Biking, Fishing, Frisbee, Ice Skating, Jump Rope, Ping Pong, Pogo Stick, Racquetball, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Running - General, Running - Sprint, Snow Skiing - General, Softball, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - freestyle, Tennis, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Ear Prompter, Guitar, Host, Licensed Driver, Piano, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Bari-Tenor, Vocal Range: Baritone, Vocal Style: Belt, Voiceover, American - New York Accent, American - Southern Accent, American - Texan Accent, Australian Accent, British - BBC English Accent, British - Cockney Accent, French Accent, German Accent, New Zealand Accent, Russian Accent, Scottish Accent, South African Accent, Fluent Russian