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Fighting Destiny

Lead - Rachel

Michael Wilde

Subtle Impact

Supportive Lead - Melissa

Matt DeGennaro

Liza: Warden From Hell

Supportive Lead - Warden Wanda

Dustin Ferguson

Steinberg Saves the World

Co-Star - Magical Musical Mary

Steve Oakley

Think You Know Her? (Think Again)

Lead - Actress/Singer

Heavenly Waterfall Productions

Who's Gonna Take Care of Me?

Co-Star - Clinical Social Worker Ann

Heavenly Waterfall Productions

Johnny Hawk a.k.a. Hard Nuts to Crack

Co-Star - Mother/Waitress Marge

Heavenly Waterfall Productions

Coke Girl

Co-Star - Coke Addict Lanie

Shonathen Lindsey


Co-Star - Insanity Victim - Mary Woronov

Louis Arkoff/Billy Fine Prod

Bloody Wednesday

Two Roles - Cashier and Old Lady

Gilmark Pics/Mark G. Gilhuis

The Runner Stumbles

Sick Nun Burning Convent - Dick Van Dyke

Warner Bros/Stanley Kramer

The Swarm

Derailing Passenger - Fred MacMurray

Warner Bros/Irwin Allen

The Gauntlet

Stunts - Biker Chick - Clint Eastwood

Warner Bros/Malpaso Prods


Coke Gets the Party Started

Lead Waitress-Dancer

Coca Cola Commercial

1,000 Ways to Die

Mother of the Bride

Spike TV/Tom McMahon

Scarecrow & Mrs. King

Guest Star - Dorothy - Bruce Boxleitner

Burbank Studios/James Fargo


Futuristic Microwoman

Universal/Peter Medak

Legend of Sleepy Hollow (MOW)

Singer in Choir - Jeff Goldblum

Sun Classics/H. Schellerup


Heartbroken Waitress - Perry King

Paramount/Bruce Kessler

Rockford Files

Rape Victim

Universal/James Garner


Suicide Victim Jill

Universal/Ray Danton

Lou Grant

Belgium Gymnast Olga

CBS Studios/Ed Asner

The Spell (MOW)

Mischievous Schoolmate

CBS Studios/Lee Phillips


Galactic Blitz

Series Lead - Dr. Tiffany Libutti

Dwayne Conyers

Diva at the Beauty Salon

Series Lead - The Diva

Heavenly Waterfall Productions

Pink Slip

Series Regular - Bubbles

Muriel and Robert Campbell


Series Regular - Barbara Aguilero

Thomas Hennessey

The Dream-Napzers

Series Regular - Mother/Grandmother Jess

Romane Simon



Co-Star - Sister James

The Piedmont Players

All My Sons

Lead - Girlfriend Ann

The Melrose Theater

The Tenth Man

Lead - Schizophrenic Evelyn

The Melrose Theater

The Boom Boom Room

Co-Star - Go Go Dancer Chrissy

The Rita Hayworth Theater

Anne of a Thousand Days

Lead - Lady Anne

Showcase/Victor French

Still Love

Lead - Girlfriend Barbara

The Company of Angels


Jeff Corey's Actors School

Acting for Film and Television

Jeff Corey

Victor French's Actors Workshop

Acting for Film, Television, Theater

Victor French

Steffen Zacharias' Actor's Workshop

Acting for Film, TV, Theater, Improve

Steffen Zacharias

The Estelle Harmon Acting School

Acting for Film and Television

Estelle Harmon

Utah State University

AA Theater Arts and Dance

College Professors

Marneen’s exceptional talent, and finely tuned craft of acting has garnered her award recognition. She has won Hollywood Fame Awards (the Best of Hollywood), and Las Vegas Fame Awards (the Best of Las Vegas) for her role as lead actress/singer, Kathryn Davis in "Kathryn Davis: Take 2." She won Performer of the Year 2021 from EZWay Golden Gala Awards. She just won Best Actress HM 2023 from London International Film Festival. She also won the Legendary Stunt Woman Award 2018 (a lifetime achievement award).

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 150 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Shoulder Length