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One Boat One World (2021)

Series Regular

Chen Kunhui

Shichahai (2020)

Series Regular

Fu Ning

Far Away Homeland (2019)

Series Regular

CCTV 1 channel

Feather Flies to the Sky (2017)

Series Regular

Ding Yu - Hangzhou Jiaping Co

Red Star Over China (2017)

Guest Star

Yunfei Zhang - Hunan TV Prod

My Goddess, My Mom (2016)


Guotong Liu - Yanjiyuan Films

Love Me If You Dare (2015)


Kaizhou Zhang - SMG SHang Prod

Two Families in Wenzhou

Guest Star

Sheng Kong - Shandong Film &TV

Rookie Agent Rouge


Jizhou Xu - Hairun Movies & TV

Hua Huo


Chuxi Hu - Beijing Zhongsheng


Crossing Lop Nur (2021)


Zhao Zhi, Xi Haolai Production

Little Lucky (2018)


Wang Xiaoning - Jinhong Danren

Inside: A Chinese Horror Story (2017)


Lily Bai - Kunni Productions

China Salesman (2017)


Bingxie Tang - China Film Grou

Dazzling Cocktail (2013)


Zheng Xining - Niusente Media

Tai Ji 1: Cong Ling Kaishi (2012)


Stephen Fung - Huayi Bros

My latest series regular show had over 1.9 billion views by its season finale, and my first series regular in 2017 was one of the top 10 most influential TV shows in China for that year. Training: Audition Technique - Margie Haber Studio; On-Film Technique - Doug Warhit; Acting Technique Intensive - Art of Acting Los Angeles, Ron Burrus; Improv - UCB; Screen Actors Workshop - Beijing Screen Actors Society; Stage Combat - China Sports Center; Bachelor of Arts - UCLA; Film & TV course - Fairfax High School

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 160 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Long


Acrobatics, Chinese Martial Arts, Horse Riding, Motorcycle, Sword Fighting, Bowling, Boxing, Combat - Stage, Fencing, Gymnastics, Karate - Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Martial Arts - Tai Chi, Motorcycle Riding - General, Weight Lifting, Guitar, Voiceover, British - BBC English Accent, French Accent, Italian Accent, Russian Accent, Spanish Accent, Fluent Chinese, Fluent French, Fluent Mandarin, Fluent Spanish, Fluent Spanish - Mexico City