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  • Comedy-Drama - ENGLISH - Kati Rausch (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    'Our Song' is an award-winning comedy drama festival short film that I wrote, produced and starred in. The characters only speak in song lyrics :)

  • RUSSIAN/RUSSIAN ACCENT Comedy (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Scene from the comedy series 'Legion of Terror HR'. I play the Russian super villain Red Vengeance.

  • GERMAN ACCENT/GERMAN - Comedy - Kati Rausch (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Excerpt from the Finnish comedy show 'My German Kitchen' by the Finnish network Moon TV. I played the lead, the schizophrenic racist cooking show host Renate Schröder.

  • ENGLISH - RomCom - Kati Rausch (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Excerpt from the short film 'Poly 2.0'. I played the lead Kayley, who just experienced the end of the polyamorous traid relationship with her boyfriend and her girlfriend. She can't really comprehend what happened, and she has to move out of their shared flat in a hurry. In these times of crisis, Kayley finally learns to stand up agianst her dominant controlling big sister Kendra.

  • GERMAN - Drama - Kati Rausch (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    In the German drama 'Die Andere' (The Other Girl) you can see me as the religous girl Lene, who is brave enough to confront the mistress of her unfaithful boyfriend Paul.

  • DANISH - Drama - Kati Rausch (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Excerpt from the Danish-German festival shortfilm 'Sommerfuglne' (Butterflies). You can see me as highschool student Sarah, who falls head over heels for the charming Danish exchange student Lasse from Copenhagen. After the summer they spend together in Cologne, Sarah is sure, that Lasse is the 'One', while Lasse feels more and more uncomfortable. He likes her, but for him it has never been more than a kind of holiday love.

  • FINNISH - Rom Com - Kati Rausch (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Scene from the Finnish short film 'Anna & Aamu.' I played the leading role of Anna, a highly gifted nerd whose world is shaken up, when she falls in love with her female best friend.

  • EUROPEAN ACCENT/ENGLISH - Comedy - Kati Rausch (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    'Good to know' is a comedy webisode made in Switzerland: 22 year old Kitty is a naive, sexy, internationally working hand model actress, and the presenter of the science show "Good to know". Why? Nobody knows...

  • FINNISH - Drama - Kati Rausch (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Scene from the Finnish festival film 'Lauttasaari.' I played the leading role of Emmi, a college student, who attempts suicide, when her married lover dumps her.

  • GERMAN - Drama - Kati Rausch (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Excerpt from 'Happy Hour.' I played the leading role of Maya, a student who falls into substance abuse and promiscuity, because she is unable to cope with the separation from long-term her boyfriend.

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Represented by:

Top Priority Group (CA) (323) 685-4075 Commercial, Hosting, Models, Print, Product Print, Public Appearances, SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical, Voice-Overs

FILM (partial list)

Area 5150


Feature Film

The Secret Sleuth Society

Supporting/Delphine Nuna

Feature Film

Likainen kyttä (Dirty Cop)

Supporting/Linnea Sinkkonen

Feature Film

Kombucha Cure


Feature Film

Løvekvinnen (Lion Woman)

U5/Female Spectator

Feature Film

Our Song


Short Film

The Ex


Short Film

La femme et le serpent

Lead/Spy 'the Snake'

Short Film

O.P.A. hat ein Nasenfahrrad (The Grandpa)

Lead/Ex Spy

Short Film


Lead/Emmi Mylläri

Short Film

Koiran Elämä (Dogs Days)


Short Film

Anna & Aamu


Short Film

The Groupie


Short Film

Green Tea


Short Film

Happy Hour

Lead/Maya Lorenz

Short Film

Die Letzte für heute

Lead/Set Photographer

Short Film

TELEVISION (partial list)

My German Kitchen

Lead/Renate Schröder

Sitcom Pilot

No Budget


Sitcom Pilot


Guest Star/Lena Voigt

Germany Network

Sommerfuglne (Butterflies)

Lead/Sarah Bingen


Siskot (Sisters)


Finland Network


Guest Star/German Journalist

Germany Network

Stand up Comedy Show

Self/Stand-up Comic

Switzerland Network

Roman Schatz' HUPS!-Klubi

Self/Stand-up Comic

MoonTV/Finland Network


Featured/Girl in the museum

Germany Network

NEW MEDIA (partial list)

Legion of Terror HR

Lead/Red Vengeance

Web Series

Good to know


Web Series

Kati's Finland Blog


Web Series


Recurring/Chocolate Woman

Web Series

HOSTING (partial list)



Finland Network

Music Interview Corner



Finnish Grammys (Emma Gaala)

Red Carpet Host


Rock My Kitchen (pilot)



Kieler Woche


Music Festival (Germany)

Umsonst & Draussen


Music Festival (Germany)

ISSF International Short Film Festival Detmold


Film Festival (Germany)

VIP Lounge


Stand-Up Show (Germany)


Best Comedy

Reale Film Festival

for Our Song (2021)

Best Comedy Short

Cift Festival of Toronto

for Our Song (2021)

Best Comedy Short

Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival

for Our Song (2020)

Best Comedy Short

Austria International Film Festival

for Our Song (2020)

Best Actress

Roma Short Film Festival

for Our Song (2020)

Best Actress

Milan Short Film Festival

for Our Song (2020)

Comedian of the Year

Health Media Award

for Rauschzustand (2010)

THEATRE (partial list)

Guy’s Fr*ckin‘ Sketch Show (by Guy Stevenson)

Various Roles

The Actors Company, LA (USA)

Grosse Freiheit No. 7


Stadttheater Wilhelmshaven/Ger

Mord auf Hoher See


Landesbühne Niedersachsen/Ger

Snow White & the 14 skaters


Stadttheater Wilhelmshaven/Ger

Cash on Delivery


Stadttheater Wilhelmshaven/Ger


Self/Stand-Up Comic

Stand-up solo program/Germany

Improv Theatre Group

Member for 5 years

Stadttheater Wilhelmshaven/Ger


Kätilö (The Midwife)

Supporting (German/Russian)

Feature Film

Dänen unter sich (The Danish)

Lead (Danish)

Short Film


Lead (Finnish)

Short Film


National Commercial (German)


Magic Park Verden

National Radio Commercial (German)



National Radio Commercial (Germa


STAND-UP COMEDY (partial list)


Stand-up solo program

Nation-wide tour (Germany)

The Comedy Store - Comedy Madness

Self/Stand-up Comic

The Comedy Store (Los Angeles,

Miska and some Eccentrics

Self/Stand-up Comic

Skiptown Playhouse (Hollywood,

Speakeasy Bar

Self/Stand-up Comic

Chris Gehrt, Speakeasy Cocktai

Quatsch Comedy Club

Self/Stand-up Comic

Brainpool (Berlin, Germany)

Hollywood's Comedy Nights

Self/Stand-up Comic

John Rotnem (Cologne, Germany)

F.C.I.K Comedy Club

Self/Stand-up Comic

Goldener Engel (Bonn, Germany)

Comedy On The Rocks

Self/Stand-up Comic

Ali Jahangiri (Hki, Finland)

Comedy Idiot

Self/Stand-up Comic

Arttu Raitala/Café Mascot (Fi)

Sami Hedberg's Backstage Club

Self/Stand-up Comic

Hedberg Entertainment Oy (Fin)

Anitta Ahonen's Huurupiilo Stand-up

Self/Stand-up Comic

Anitta Ahonen (Tampere, Fin)

Comedy O'Connell's

Self/Stand-up Comic

O'Connell's (Tampere, Finland)

Turku Comedy Contest

Self/Stand-up Comic

Jussi Tanhuanpää (Turku, Fin).

MS. Bore Stand-up klubi

Self/Stand-up Comic

Jussi Tanhuanpää (Turku, Fin).

TRAINING (partial list)


Second City Hollywood (USA)

James Gangle/Doug Morency

Sitcom Acting Technique

Scott Sedita Acting Studios, LA (USA)

Tony Rago

One-Day-Comedy Intensive

Scott Sedita Acting StudioS, LA (USA)

Scott Sedita/Tony Rago

Comedy Cast Intensive

Actors Comedy Studio, LA (USA)

Dorian Frankel

Sketch Comedy

The Actors Company, LA (USA)

Guy Stevenson

Studies in Dramatic Arts

Film Acting School Cologne (Germany)

1 year intensive program

Cold Reading

Film Acting School Cologne (Germany)

Inez Björg David

Stand-up Comedy

Comedy Central Germany

Thorsten Sievert

Meisner Technique

School of Techniques of Acting (Germany)

Peter Mustafa

TV Hosting

RTL Cologne (Germany)

Ulrike von der Groeben

TV Journalism

RTL Cologne (Germany)

Andreas Elter

Greenscreen Stunt Coaching

Macromedia, Cologne (Germany)

Hasan Altay

Stage Combat

Landesbühne Niedersachsen, Hamburg (Ger)

Robert Schnöll

Voice and Speech

Carl von Osssietzky-University (Germany)

Rudolf Plent


LA, Texas, Altanta

speaks 5 languages: English, German, Finnish, Danish, French.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair Color: Honey Brown

Hair Length: Long


Finnish (native level), Aerobics, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Canoeing, Combat - Stage, Cycling, Frisbee, Gymnastics, Hula Hoop, Karate - Kung Fu, Martial Arts - Jiu-Jitsu, Martial Arts - Jujutsu, Martial Arts - Tai Chi, Ping Pong, Rock Climber, Running - General, Running - Sprint, Squash, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - freestyle, Track & Field, Volleyball, Yoga, Comedian, Host, Improvisation, Juggler, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Teleprompter, Voiceover, Eastern European Accent, Finnish Accent, German Accent, Polish Accent, Russian Accent, Scandinavian Accent, Fluent Danish, Fluent French, Fluent German, Fluent Latin, Fluent Norwegian