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Stranger Angels


Jasmine Productions

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Riddled


Red Lips Productions


First Fridays w/ Seoul City Improv

Various Characters

Korea Improv Theater

Seoul City Improv Cabaret

Various Characters

Korea Improv Theater

Steppingstone Theater

Roster Teaching Artist - 5 years

Girl Scouts, MN Pub Schools

Self-produced Theater

Memories & Media Myths of Iran & North Korea *

Two-woman musical


* MN State Arts Board Grant

Cultural Collaboration

Original Musical Theater

Unbound Memories II

One-woman show


Songs and Stories of Queen Sondok

One-woman show


Unbound Memories

One-woman show



Cinderella (2013)


Camarata Music Company

Jo and the Mountain



The King and I

Eliza/Thai Dancer

Lakeshore Players Theatre

Uzziah (an AIDS musical)


Ad Hoc Theater Group

New Media

How to Be a Better Singer

Lead (9 videos)

eHow/Infinite Moment

Quaver's Marvelous World of Music


Mastran Music Group, Inc.



Mthawelanga Fdtn for Girls

Voiceover Acting

6-Step Customer Care Process eLearning


Hyundai Corporation

Conflicts at Work

2 Lead Roles (Dubbing)

Arirang TV

Atomy 2020 Conference

Supporting (Dubbing)

Jaks Productions

Ramsey Action Programs PSA

Demo Lead

Blue Moon Productions


Asian American Women in Contemporary Music



West Bank School of Music Hall of Famers Show - WAVE Project



New Programs Commercial



Various PSAs




Princess Pyeongang and Ondal the Fool

Various Characters

Minnesota History Museum

Princess Pyeongang and Ondal the Fool

Various Characters

Metropolitan State University

Princess Pyeongang and Ondal the Fool

Various Characters

Minneapolis Public Schools

Princess Pyeongang and Ondal the Fool

Various Characters

Babylon Cafe + various venues

Acting Training

Cornell College


Roy Ster Seven, various

Acting Coaching

Chinazo Faye + Gail Gallagher

Seoul Players/Korea Improv

Character Development Workshop

T'Keyah Crystal Keymah

Seoul Players/Korea Improv Theater

Stanislovski Workshop

Rebecca Lynne

The Actor's Studio

Filmmaking for the Actor

Steve Horswill-Johnston

Korea Improv Theater

Meisner Technique Workshop

Chase Lee

The Actor's Studio

Career Building for the Actor

Alan Dysert

VO Atlanta

Chekhov Method

Susan Schuld

Comedy + Improv Training

Seoul City Improv

Comedy Improv

James Chung, various

Improv Nashville

Comedy Improv Workshop

Scott Field

SteppingStone Theater

Improv with Kids

eg bailey, various

Seoul Players / Korea Improv Theater

Intimacy Workshop

Rebecca Lynne

Voiceover Training

Talent Center

Voiceover Acting

Don Cosgrove

The Great Audiobook Adventure

Audiobook Narration

Elise Arsenault

Competitive Edge Voice Training

Asian Dialects Survey Course

Elize Jane Schneider

VO Atl. X-Session/VO Dojo

Animation VO

Ned Lott

VO Weekly Workouts, etc.

Voiceover Acting

Scott Parkins, various

Voice Training

BSS Jazz Studies - Vocal Performance

Voice, Acting, Diction, Piano

Cornell College

Voice Lessons

jazz, pop, Broadway, various

Roberta Davis, 12 various

NATS Conference

The Aging Voice + more

Dr. Oren Brown, various

Voice & Speech Teachers Association

Vocal Combat

D'Arcy Smith, John Nelles, etc

Dance Training

Nokomis Community Center

swing, salsa, ballroom


Changmi Dance

Korean dance

Brooke Newmaster

Anda Flamenco Company

Spanish Flamenco

Kristina de Sacramento

Schubert Club

Javanese + Balinese dance

Tri Sutrisno

With an award-winning music career and a couple of extra pounds under her belt, Karen Lyu has decided to become a female, Korean-American Robin Williams. Karen goes crazy over colorful comedic character roles, such as Charlotte, in Cinderella (2013): roles with funny faces and memorable mouths! Karen has studied with actor-trainers such as T'Keyah Crystal Keymah, Rebecca Lynne, and Alan Dysert. Now with her dynamo acting coach, she's got her sights set on comedic television character roles.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 141 lbs

Eyes: Black

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Short


curl tongue, flare nostrils, Korean changgo drum, music directing, producing, roll Rs, secretarial skills, songwriting, Valley Girl dialect, voice coaching, waitstaff experience, website design, writing, Archery, Badminton, Bowling, Cycling, Equestrian - General, Hula Hoop, Ice Skating, Jump Rope, Ping Pong, Roller Skating, Running - General, Swimming - ability - general, Yoga, Dance Ballroom, Dance Jazz, Dance Line/Country, Dance Modern, Dance Rumba, Dance Salsa, Dance Swing, Host, Improvisation, Modeling, Percussion, Piano, Singer, Vocal Range: Alto, Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano, Vocal Range: Soprano, Voiceover, American - Minnesota Accent, American - New York Accent, American - Southern Accent, American - Standard/General Accent, American - Texan Accent, Asian - Chinese Accent, Asian - Japanese Accent, Asian - Korean Accent, British - BBC English Accent, British - Cockney Accent, Scandinavian Accent, Spanish Accent