JOSHUA PACKARD - Financial Core
Age: 18

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Represented by:

AMA Talent Agency (PA) (215) 885-7711

Jordan, Gill & Dornbaum Talent Agency (NY) (212) 463-8455

Nouveaux Talent Management (NY) (516) 295-2017

Voice Over/Radio

No current conflicts


No current conflicts


FBI: Most Wanted S4 E18 "Rangeland"


Dir. Loren Yaconelli


The Proxy Cure: Sizzle Reel

Teen Jake (supporting)

Dr. Marie Smalley

Hide & Seek

Luke (lead)

Dir. Noah Hart

All The Things I Wish I Said

Damien (supporting)

Dir. Christina Vislocky

The Truth about Santa Claus

Young Gary (supporting)

Dir. Chris Bayon

40 Nickels

Jim (supporting)

Dir. Yasmin Gorenberg

A Thursday Drive

Matthew Dawson (lead)

Dir. Evan Pritchard


Jimmy (lead)

Dir. Cris Graves


Ben (supporting)

Dir. Erika Rosato

Manboobs (teaser)

Bully (supporting)

Dir. Steven Bono

Blood Brothers

Lucky (lead)

Dir. Grace Zhang

Lemonade Sharks

Timmy (supporting lead)

Dir. Jacob Shao


William (supporting)

Dir. Matthew Guarnaccia

Dream Years

Kid in drama class

Dir. Daniel Poliner

Creepy Kid (teaser)

Chris (supporting)

Dir. Michael C. Bryan

Swinging into Action

Casey (supporting lead)

Dir. Joseph Guevara


JJ (supporting)

Dir. Piggy Chen

White House Leaks


Dir. John Trowbridge

The Smear Campaign

Aaron Stotle (supporting lead)

Dir. Mark Himler

New Media

The Quaranteens

Josh (series regular)

Dir. Evelyn Ferreira

Facts of Life Webseries

Jason (series regular)

Dir. Evelyn Ferreira

Batman vs Superman - A Parody of Justice

Senator & Flash

Dir. Samantha Helmstetter


Murder! At the Heineken Estate

Caretaker (staged reading)

LIU Brooklyn - Pasternack

All That Glitters


LIU Brooklyn - Pasternack

Mr. Burns; a post-electric play


BHSA blackbox theater

The Tempest


Brooklyn Shakespeare Company

School House Rock Live



Peter Pan Jr




LIU Brooklyn/New Group Theater

BFA Candidate Class of 2027

The Prep NJ

Acting Coaching

Brandon Salerno

Mel Mack Acting Studio

Audition prep

Mel Mack

Caufield Studios

Voice (Baritone)

Amy Caufield

Gray Studios

Commercial VO

John Mitchell

Scene Study & Audition Technique

LA Acting Academy

Didi Destafano

Comedy Scene Study

Actors Comedy Studio

Lauren Marie Bertoni

British & NY Accents

Adam Michael Rose

Voice Over technique

Actors Connection

Paul Liberti

Acting - Improv for teens

Magnet Theater NYC

Elana Fishbein

Pilot Prep Audition

MN Acting Studio

Matt Newton

Acting - Audition Workshop

Jen Rudin

Acting - Voice Over

Jack Turnbull


Mary Candler

Acting - Meisner Study, TV/Film

Actors Technique NY

David Wenzel

Acting - Audition, Cold Reads

Actors Technique NY

Todd Etelson

Acting - Theatre

Barrow Group

Farrah Crane


Young Artist Awards 2019

Best Teen Actor-Short Film

Award Winner & Presenter

Young Artist Awards 2018

Best Young Actor-Short Film

Nominee & Presenter

Memorizes quickly, can raise one eyebrow, Brooklyn accent, loves animals, swimming, bike riding, scooter riding, teleprompter, video games, arcade games, pogo stick, and bowling. Beginner roller skating & re-curve or compound bow archery and juggling

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'

Weight: 180 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Honey Brown

Hair Length: Short


Archery, Badminton, Bowling, Cycling, Roller Skating, Swimming - ability - general, Teleprompter, Voiceover