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Ghost on Fire (Short)


Dir. Eric Mittleman


Malibu Mental Health

Jack (Supporting)

Dir: Paul Surace

Ghost Story

Walter Barnes (Supporting)

Dir: Paul Malmont

Misery of Hope

Phil (Lead)

Dir: Conrad Dunn

Ten Minutes!

Scott (Lead)

Dir: Conrad Dunn

Scripted Podcasts/Audio Dramas

On the Tinsel Front

Vorhaus (Guest)

Dir: Chris Bomba

Behind the Hero (2024)

Jerry (Lead)

Dir: Joe Casey



Meisner, Improv, VO

IAMA Theatre Actors Intensive

Fran Montano

Meisner, Dramatic Improv

Actors Workout Studio

James Eckhouse

Meisner, Scene Study

IAMA Theatre

Danny Gordon

Scene Study

The Actor’s Space

Kelly Moscinski

Commercial & Characrer VO

The VoiceCaster

Daniel Acker

Comedy Improv

Groundlings School

Sharon Hogg


Baron Brown Studio

Trained in Meisner and Comedy Improv, Jonah is a passionate actor focused on Film, Theater and Voice Over. He's worked in radio, sold two businesses after 21 years and spent time as an executive at Warner Bros. Acting is his passion! In 2023 he was an inaugural member of IAMA Theatre's Actor's Summer Intensive. In 2024 he's producing a scripted podcast with the co-creator of "Big Hero Six" called "Behind the Hero" and two short films, "Polaris" (Sci-Fi Thriller) and "Reflections" (Drama).

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'

Weight: 195 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Archery, Golf, Yoga, Chef, Chef - Pastry, Guitar, Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver