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Carolina Talent Agency (NC) (704) 332-3218 / (704) 930-2448 Theatrical (Film / TV), Commercial, Voiceover, Modeling, Print, Hosting / Public Appearances


Outer Banks

(Co-Starring) Psycho Surfer


Gotham (3 episodes)

(Recurring) - Kazz

FOX Network


(Supporting) - Gibby


One Tree Hill (2nd, 3rd Season)

(6 Ep Recurring) - Joey D

WB Network

House of Horrors

(Guest Star Lead) - William Dixon

Investigation Discovery

Disaster on Hill 772 “El Guetar” March 28, 1943

(Core Lead) – Corporal Fiato

History Channel

A Haunting

(Guest Starring) – Psychic Johnny

Discovery Channel

Deadly Affairs

(Supporting) – Terry

Investigation Discovery

When Ghosts Attack

(Supporting Lead) – Ricky

Fox Network

True Crimes With Aphrodite Jones

(Guest Star Lead) - Benjamin Fawley

ABC Network


(Supporting) - Bradley Spalter

Investigation Discovery

Milgram and The Fastwalkers

(Core Recurring) – Dean Savage P


NASA 360 (1st, 2nd, 3rd Seasons- Current)

(Main Co-Host) - Johnny Alonso

Discovery Channel

Click On This! (1st, 2nd Season)

(Main Host) - Johnny Alonso

A Haunting (Ep. “Hidden Terror”)

(Guest Star Lead) - Mike Esperanza

Discovery Channel

Dawson’s Creek (6th Season)

(8 Episode Recurring) - Jimmy Franco

WB Network

Growing Pains Reunion II “Return Of The Seavers”

(Guest Starring Lead) - Mickey

ABC Network

Stuck In The Suburbs

(Supporting) - Zack Music Video Director

Disney Channel Summer Special

F.B.I. Files (Ep. “The Great Philadelphia Mob Wars” )

(Guest Starring Lead) - Joey Merlino

Discovery Channel

Homicide (Ep. “Colors”)

(Guest Star Lead) - David Scholtz

NBC Network

America’s Most Wanted

(Supporting) - Lee Carter

Fox Network

Destination Tomorrow (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Season)

(Closing Interviewer) - Johnny Alonso

NASA Discovery

Numbers Alive! (12 Episode Educational Series)

Series Lead) - Johnny Kowolski

PBS 12 Part Series



(Co-Starring) Keith

Dir. Ranelle Golden

What Death Leaves Behind

(Co-Starring) Jody

Dir. Scott Hamilton

Bill Tilghman and The Outlaws

(Co-Starring) Big Joe

Dir. Wayne Shipley


(Lead) – Dobbs

Dir. Kipp Tribble/Derik Wingo


(Lead) – Trick

Dir. Kipp Tribble/Derik Wingo

Day of the Gun

(Supporting) – The Town Mortician

Dir. Wayne Shipley

City of Lost Souls

(Supporting) – Sean

Dir. Jason Baustin

The Driver

(Supporting Lead) – Lenny

Dir. Shannon Lanier


(Lead) – Jack Pappas

Dir. Jay Taylor


(Lead) - Cooper O’Neil

Dir. John Pogue

Rules Of Engagement

(Featured Speaking) - Spitting Protestor

Dir. William Friedkin


(Core Supporting) - Axe

Dir. Reverge Anselmo

Emmit’s Mark

(Supporting) - The Serial Killer

Dir. Keith Snyder

Good People

(Lead) - Billy

Dir. Lewis Long

Serial Mom

(Day Player) - Kid B

Dir. John Waters


(National/Regional/Local Credits Given Upon Request)

VOICE OVERS: (200 Voice Overs - Complete List Upon Request)


The Voice of Daniel - Exhibit Narrator

Smithsonian Holocaust Museum

T.C.I. (New York City)

College Type Announcer 3 TV Spots/25 Rad

Clean Cuts Productions

Jiminey Peak Ski Resort (17 Spots)

“Out Of Control” Snowboarder

Lassalle Advertising

White Tail Ski Resort (13 Spots)

Rebellious Student Campaign

Altschul Advertising

The Wired World National Tv Special

Cool & Informative Young Narrator

National Geographic

Santa Cruz X-Treme Sports

X-Games Announcer/MC

DV8 Entertainment/X-Games


The Actors Studio New York (2 yr degree)

Scene Study/Monologue/Movement/Technique

New York University - Actor’s Studio

Intense Auditioning/Technique Studies

T.V.I. Workshop Seminars L.A.

Cold Readings/Monologues

ACT! Soap Opera/Tv/Film Workshop

Scene Study/Cold Readings

Additional Skills: Singing, Guitar (own several vintage electric guitars and Marshall halfstack), Bass, Piano, East Coast Swing Dancing (Intermediate), Snowboarding (Intermediate rider w/all snow gear) Skateboarding (Vert & Street), Motorcycling (Own A Vintage Harley-Davidson, Billiards, Salsa/Merengue Dancing, Fire Arms (Own 2 Hand Guns), Photography (Own Equipment), Speak Spanish And Italian fluently. ONLINE VIDEO REEL, VIDEO CLIPS AND PRO PHOTOS:

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 129 lbs

Eyes: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Guitar, Guitar Bass, Kiteboarding, Snowboarding, Billiards/Pool Player, Body Surfing, Bowling, Combat - Stage, Cycling, Equestrian - General, Equestrian - Western, Frisbee, Golf, Jet Skier, Motorcycle Riding - General, Shooting - Revolver/Automatic, Skateboard - street, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Acoustic Bass, Dance Swing, Dancer, Firearms, Guitar, Guitar Bass, Host, Licensed Driver, Motorcyclist, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Baritone, Vocal Style: Legit, American - New York Accent, British - BBC English Accent, Fluent Italian, Fluent Spanish