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Pacific Breeze

Lydia - Supporting

Treasured Moments Channel

Hollywood Murderland

Mrs. Lee - Lead

Joe Clarke/Backrow Studios

How to do Screenwriting Good

Jennifer - Lead

Angus McNair/Los Angeles

A Good Man is Hard to Be

Rebecca - Supporting

Michael Yu/Los Angeles


Unconscious College Girl - Supporting

Carey Williams/Los Angeles

Wake Up

Bailey - Lead

Keely Mettlen/Santa Barbara

Sexy Beast

Stage Manager - Lead

Adele Franck/Chicago, IL

Forget the Night

Julie - Lead

John Dickson/Chicago, IL

Liberal Arts

Nicole - Lead

Tj Pfeiffer/Chicago, IL

Student Council

Alexa - Lead

Matt Johnson/Chicago, IL

Bye Bye Birdie

Rosie - Lead

Stefoni Rossiter/Ventura, CA

Sweeney Todd

Johanna - Lead

Curtain Call Theater Company

Jessica New is an engaging actress with musical ability. From starting in musical theater at the age of 10 to being a student of the dramatic arts at Columbia College Chicago, she brings many imaginative approaches to characters on the screen and stage. Naturally happy-go-lucky and comedic, she has studied at Killian's Commercial Workshop, completed improv courses at UCB, and has taken Lesly Kahn's Comedy Intensive. She also has completed scene study at Beverly Hills Playhouse. Next up: Groundlings.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 160 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Red

Hair Length: Long


Bartending, Incredibly fast speech, Serving, Canoeing, Ice Skating, Scuba Diver, Scuba Diving, Trampoline, Yoga, Chef, Dance Modern, Flute, Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Soprano, Voiceover, Wind Instrument, Australian Accent