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Hayes Talent Agency (IL) (773) 565-4422 Commercial, Dance / Choreography, Equity, Hosting, Models, Print, Product Print, Public Appearances, SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical, Voice-Overs

Hayes Talent Agency (GA) (404) 906-7969 Commercial, Dance / Choreography, Equity, Hosting, Models, Print, Product Print, Public Appearances, SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical, Voice-Overs

Hayes Talent Agency (CA) (323) 378-7500 Commercial, Dance / Choreography, Equity, Hosting, Models, Print, Product Print, Public Appearances, SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical, Voice-Overs

Quartz Talent Agency (CA) (818) 284-0583 Commercial, Dance / Choreography, Equity, Hosting, Models, Print, Product Print, Public Appearances, SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical, Voice-Overs

Sovereign Talent Group COM-TH (CA) (310) 474-4000 Commercial, Dance / Choreography, Equity, Hosting, Models, Print, Product Print, Public Appearances, SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical, Voice-Overs

Stavins Enterprises (IL) (312) 938-1140 Commercial, Dance / Choreography, Equity, Hosting, Models, Print, Product Print, Public Appearances, SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical, Voice-Overs

Jennifer J. Cheung


"Zen Diaries: The Lockdown" Short

Beverly (Lead)

Two Strike Hitter/Rich Tola

"Sasquatch Falls"

Sydney Lin (Lead)

Columbia College/Hills&Otsuka

"From Within"

Seena (Supporting)

IIA - Chicago/M. Canon


Sarah (Lead)

DePaul University/Ryan Wilson

"Untitled" Short Film

June (Supporting)

U. Chicago/Eleonora Edreva

"Murphy's Law"

Sophia (Lead)

Columbia College/J. Czoch

"Fargo" Excerpt

Marge (Lead)

Columbia College/J. Beavin

"Openings" Short Film

Charlie (Supporting)

Columbia College/A. Mikolyuk

"Egyptian Assassin"

Assassin (Lead)

Columbia College/Alex Halstead


Patty (Supporting)

Columbia College/F. Rodriguez

“Everybody Knows That I'm The Best”

Actress (Lead)

SAIC/Kate Squires

"Bed Rest"

Alice (Lead)

Fire Escape Films/Amber Love

"Gray Thursday"

Jewels (Supporting)

2-2-2-9 Films/Mark Peamchareon

"Hide and Seek"

Paige (Lead)

DePaul University/Paul Restivo


New York Post Investigates #105

Michelle’s Sister (Supporting)

Finch Productions/Chase Kenney

Justice with Judge Mablean

Lorianne Lee, Defendant (Lead)

Entertainment Studios

"Ready to Mingle" Pilot

Sasha (Supporting)

Lian Entertainment/Anna Senn

"Soulmating" Pilot

Tahlia (Lead)

Prowler Pictures/Owen Weber

"Friends From College" Season Two Promo

Marianne (Lead)

Netflix/Erin Sarofsky

"Friends From College" Season One Promo

Marianne (Lead)

Netflix/Erin Sarofsky

"The Power of Love: Long Mop"

Wife (Lead)

ClickHole/Karl Bromberg

"Baby and the Ghost" Pilot

Missy (Supporting)

Columbia College/Matt Johnson

"Weed U" Web Series Pilot

Student (Supporting)

Bailout Pictures/Linda Ajeti

"Betty's" Sitcom Pilot

Hope Ford (Lead)

Evil Multinational/H. Grgurich

"America Beer" Video Sketch

Girl (Lead)

iO Comedy Network/Q. Wilson

"Third Wheel" Video Sketch

Single Person (Lead)

iO Comedy Network/A. Mangen

"The Ripening" Video Sketch

Boss (Supporting)

iO Comedy Network/A. Mangen

"Planet Costco" Video Sketch

Receipt Checker (Lead)

iO Comedy Network/B. Hartnett

Music Video

Darude "Look Away"

Concert Goer

Miska Kajanus

Flora Cash "You're Somebody Else"


Prime Zero/Mark Pellington


Facebook "Staying Apart"

Math Teacher (Lead)

PrettyBird/Carrie Brownstein

Quickbooks "Accountable to Them"

Accountant (Lead)

Speakeasy/Harry Calbom

Amazon Alexa Infomercial

Alexa User (Lead)

Script to Screen/Brent Loefke


Hand Model

Virgin Soil/Nadia Lee Cohen

Securian "Garage Theater"

Mom (Lead)

Hey Wonderful/Peking

Drizly "Not It"

Kate (Lead)

LemonLight/Dave Sadvari

"Manage Your Pain" Opioid PSA

Nurse (Supporting)

Beyond The Porch/Edd Benda

Universal Parks and Resorts Promo - Beijing

Mom (Lead)

Universal Studios/Terri Farley

Southern California Edison "Downed Wire"

Woman (Lead)

Ntropic Los Angeles

Copper Fit Compression Socks

Testimonial Woman (Lead)

BlueReef/Mark Fanjoy

Forto Coffee

Career Woman (Lead)

Dose Studios/Greg Goldner

Illinois Bicentennial

Citizen (Lead)

Answers Media/Sehban Zaidi

Northwestern SESP

Professor (Lead)

Tandem Media/Tyler Jay

DePaul "HERE, We Are"

Student (Lead)

Quriosity/Christopher Tovo

Cadillac China Commercial

Friend (Lead)

Black and Cameron/Tao Wright

Northwestern Medicine Commercial

Physician (Lead)

Laughlin Constable/P. Thompson

iTalkBB Branding Commercial

Mom (Lead)

Richter Studios/Eric Schmidt

West Suburban Bank "New Car"

Teenage Daughter (Lead)

Filmontage, Inc/Vladimir Maule

BMO Harris Bank Credit Card

Waitress (Supporting)

McGuffin Creative/G. Poulimas

Surf Sweets Promotional Web Video

Taster (Lead)

New Angle Media/Ben Rifken


"Kill in the Blank" epi. 4


Simple Science/Brian Thompson

Mortgage Tips Video Series

Mortgage Wiz

ProTips/Adam Constantine

"Interrobang: More Than Words"


Paige Feldman

Brightburn IRL! Best Prank Reactions

Research Volunteer

Wildlife/Sujey Lee Colón

Tesla Father's Day Spec Commercial


Anthony De Phillippi

“3 Yoga Poses for More Exquisite Sex”


Layla Martin TV

SoulPancake “Mental Health Series”


SoulPancake/Tiffany Hutson

LOL Parenting "Go To Sleep!"


Prostratus Productions/Amayreh


Boscia Educational Video

Boscia User

336 Productions/Josh Stone

University Business Course

Focus Group Participant (Lead)

Write Brain Films/B. Pierce

ERRS Video

Orthodontist (Lead)

Mad Rose Media/Scott Patrick

St. George's University Recruitment Video

Clinical Rotations Student (Lead)

Karen Somers

On Camera Internal Training Video

Ms. Meyer (Lead)

The Minte/Jacoby Alvarez

Medline Waterproof Scrubs

Dentist (Lead)

Medline/Miguel Acosta

Ace Hardware Industrial

Customer (Lead)

Ace Hardware/Tom Hartmann

American Medical Association

Medical Resident (Lead)

Havas Health/Amanda Bertany

Accenture Cyber Security

Hacker Liaison (Lead)

Answers Media/Sehban Zaidi

Accenture Leadership Development Program Opening Video

Associate (Lead)

Q Center/Chris Rundell

Accenture Training Video

Inappropriate Manager (Lead)

Q Center/William Newman

Walmart Non-Air Demo "It's All Connected" Brand Video

Associate (Lead)

Tool Productions/P. Montgomery

GE Healthcare Sage Video and Print

Sonographer (Lead)

Saturn Lounge/Zak Gruber

United Polaris Club

Passenger (Lead)

United Airlines/Steve Heldmann

Walgreens Training Video

Store Team Member Delores (Lead)

proGroup, Inc.

ESI Design Architectural

Businesswoman (Lead)

ESI Design/Andy Ryan

Alight Benefits Video

Narrator (Lead)

Media Moire

The Cocktail Project - Recipe Videos

Hand Model (Lead)

Beam Suntory/Erin Murphy


Facebook Triathletes


Joy Asbury/Danielle Levitt

Pete Health

Physical Therapy Patient

Kulagy/Jerry Parks



Hustlecake/Owen Scarlett


Injured Woman

Yuya Parker



Yuya Parker



Walgreens/Brian Kobeluch



Luna/Frank Krochmal

United Polaris Club

Club Member

United Airlines/Erica Kellogg

VISANow - Stop Motion/Animation

Visa Applicant

p3mediaworks/Taylor Darcy

Groupon Eye Care & General Practitioner


Groupon/Lisa Lux

Groupon Acupuncture and Manicure

Spa Guest

Groupon/Lisa Lux

"Millennials and Their Study Buddies"


Nestle Purina/Joey Schiappa

Armstrong Medical Catalog


Armstong Medical/C. Walker

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Lab Technician

Saturn Lounge/Robert Ness


Option Care


Answers Media/Sehban Zaidi


ISSE - International Salon and Spa Expo

Hair Model

Mike Karg

America's Beauty Show

Hair Model

Mike Karg


LA Short Play Festival: It's All ReLAtional (upcoming)

Lisa, Rebecca (Leads)

Company of Angels/Jully Lee

The Alone Experience Immersive Event


Little Tiny Pictures/L.T Lewis

Mothers - Workshop Reading


Coeurage Theatre/Katie Pelensk

Warrior Launch Party Immersive Event

Gongli, Female Gambler

After Hours Theatricals

We The People/Serial Killers


Sacred Fools/Various

Airport Encounters: Brace for Impact


NEO Ensemble/David Bickford

Neverwhere (Jeff Recommended)

Jessica/Lamia (u/s - perf)

Lifeline Theatre/Ilesa Duncan

Natural Affection (Jeff Recommended)

Other Women, Claire (u/s - perf)

Eclipse Theatre/Rachel Lambert

#sisterneighbors Staged Reading and Workshop


Nothing Without a Company

SAIC Residency


Erasing the Distance/M.Kidwell

Bad Girls: The Stylists


Akvavit Theatre/Breahan Pautch

Fractured Fairy Tales


Greatworks Theatre/M. O'Brien

The Van Gogh Cafe

Judy Jones

Filament Theater/Julie Ritchey

The Heavens are Hung in Black (Jeff Recommended)

Young Woman, Soldier

Shattered Globe/Louis Contey


Yoonji (u/s), Kayleigh (u/s-perf)

Steep Theatre/Vanessa Stalling

In To America (Jeff Nominated)


Griffin Theatre/Dorothy Milne

At The Table (Jeff Award - Ensemble)


Broken Nose Theatre/S. Davis

The Library


Level Eleven Theatre/L. Hulick

Artist Development Workshop


Victory Gardens/P. Dawkins

Chagrin Falls (Jeff Nominated)


Agency Theater/Sommer Austin

Image of an Unknown Young Woman - Staged Reading


Shattered Globe/K. Martinovich

The Antipodes Workshop Reading


A Red Orchid Theatre/Gus Menar

Freshman Bed - Workshop and Staged Reading


Chicago Dramatists/A. Szerlong

The Woman, The Dog, The Machete - Workshop & Staged Reading


Chicago Dramatists/S. Wilson

Mynx and Savage - Staged Reading


American Blues/Elyse Dolan

The Subject - Staged Reading


Nothing Special Prod./R. Rock

The Second Marriage of Albert Li Wu - Workshop

K'uan Lai

Lookingglass/Christine Dunford

A Blue Island in a Red Sea Workshop


Collaboraction/A. Moseley

Irrational Tales


Clock Theater/Lesley Chapman



St. Sebastian Players/Johnson

Poetry Talk - “To Kill the River-Beast”


Public House Theater/P. Storey

Poetry Talk: "Company to Ride"


Public House Theater/P. Storey

El Stories 25: Tunnel Vision


Waltzing Mechanics/M. Patchell

24-Hour Play Festival - "Jacket"

International Man of Mystery

Tabula Rasa Theatre/S. Knapp

The Make Ready - Readings

Dianne, Sarah

Dandelion Theatre/Weagly/Reyes

Comedy Theater

Dream Freaks Fall From Space - 106th Revue

Permanent Replacement

Second City Chi/Ryan Bernier

The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival

Eleven Strangers Ensemble

Stage 773/Mishu Hilmy

Murder at the Masquerade

Jessica Flesher/Ensemble

The Murder Mystery Company

The POV Show


iO Theater/M. McCarthy

Staged Pilot Reading - "The Industry"

Maggie (Lead)

iO Theater/Brian Breslin

Staged Pilot Reading - "Agree Somewhat"

Tess (Lead)

iO Theater/Justin Wood

Staged Pilot Reading - "Sammy Strong"

Evelyn (Lead)

iO Theater/Hannah Shephard

Thoughts and Prayers and Magical Things


Donny's Skybox/M. Hilmy

Scruggs Festival 2015


Skybox Theatre (SCTC)/T. Wells

The Most Humble Person in the Room


Skybox (SCTC)/Bina Martin

Coached Ensembles - Caramel Macchiato


Skybox (SCTC)/David Montgomery

Sketch Cast - No White Guys


Skybox (SCTC)/Jeremiah Howe

Sketch Cast - Team Foxxy


DeMaat (SCTC)/R. Walker

I Didn't Ask For This


Skybox (SCTC)/John Loos

Ten Shocking Ways the World Ended


DeMaat (SCTC)/J. Swanson

Music Improv Night


MCL Comedy Theater/Dan Oliver

Project Broadway


MCL Comedy Theater/K. Morrison

A Very Merry Holiday S#!tshow


Public House Theatre/M. Dewitt

Pussy Huxtable’s Lip Sync & Dance Extravaganza


Cornservatory/D. Montgomery

Apprentice Performances


Under the Gun/Eve Krueger



The Hideout/Ruby Willman

Austin Monologue Jam


The Institution/Tyler Bryce

The Artist's Lab


Stage 773/Fin Coe

2015 NaSkeWriMoChi Showcase


Under the Gun/A. McMahon

Dance Theater

Penn State Summer Dance Festival

Ballet Ensemble

Penn State University/E. Clark

American College Dance Festival

Soloist - Jazz, Modern

SUNY Buffalo/Michelle Dunleavy


The BGB Studio

Core and On-going classes

Steve Braun, Cate Cohen

Christinna Chauncey Studio

Auditioning Powerfully for TV and Film

Christinna Chauncey

Howard Fine Acting Studio

Masterclass; The Process

Howard Fine; Laura Gardner

Killian's Workshop

Adult Commercial Workshop

Killian McHugh

The School at Steppenwolf

Viewpoints, Meisner, Voice, etc

J. Meredith, K. DeVore, etc.

Acting Studio Chicago

Masters Scene Study

J. Green, J. Berry, BJ Jones

Acting Studio Chicago

Auditioning for Theatre

Adam Belcuore

Acting Studio Chicago

Navigating the Chicago Theater Scene

E. Sartini-Combs, Linda Gillum

The Artistic Home

Meisner Technique

K. Scambiaterra, P. Thornton

Private Coaching

Monologue, Auditioning

Kurt Naebig, D. Calandra

Blue Door Collective

Audition for Film & Television

Sarah Clark

Vagabond School of the Arts

No Acting Please (Eric Morris Method)

Adam Christopher Veasman

Profiles Theatre

Advanced Scene Study Intensive

Darrell Cox, Robert Breuler

The Green Room

Advanced TV/Film Scene Study

Jenn Noyes, Brian King

The Green Room

Activate Your Audition

AJ Links, David Murphy

The Green Room

On Camera Training Level 2

Brian King

The Green Room

On Camera Training Level 1

Sean Bradley, David Murphy

The Public House Theatre


Byron Hatfield

The Second City Training Center

Sketch Writing

Jay Steigmann, Jessica Mitolo

The Second City Training Center


S. Zacharias, T. Brown

The Second City Training Center


A. Sudik, A. Toft, S. Thomas

The Second City Training Center

Scenic Improv

Sam Super

The Second City Training Center

Improvisation Intensives

Michael Gellman, Rachael Mason

The Second City Training Center

Stand Up

Catharine Savage

The Second City Training Center

Vocal Basics

Amanda Murphy

The iO Theater

Longform Improvisation

Susan Messing, Mike Johnson

The Annoyance Theatre


Chris Kervick

The Piven Theatre

Spolin Workshop

Ray Vrazel, Carey Goldenberg

The Institution Theater - Austin, TX

Sketch Writing

Tom Booker

The Hideout Theatre - Austin, TX

Narrative Improvisation

Valerie Ward, Andy Crouch

UCB Training Center - NYC

Longform Improvisation

Will Hines, Gavin Speiller


The Pennsylvania State University

B.S. French - Business

Literature, Dance

Fluent in French, Chinese Actress, Expert Swimmer, Yoga, Figure Skate, Ballet, Jazz Dancer, Casino Dealer, IT Asian American actress improv and sketch comedy 10 years - Second City Chicago Mainstage Alum Music experience: Violin (4 years), mandolin (beginner level) Voice range: mezzo Special skills: Casino Dealer (Texas Hold'em, Roulette, Blackjack)

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Long


Card dealing, Chinese harp, Aerobics, Equestrian - English, Equestrian - General, Equestrian - Western, Figure Skating, Hula Hoop, Ice Skating, Jump Rope, Roller Hockey, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Running - Sprint, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - backstroke, Swimming - breast stroke, Swimming - freestyle, Yoga, Comedian, Dance Argentine Tango, Dance Ballet, Dance Ballroom, Dance Hip Hop, Dance Jazz, Dance Line/Country, Dance Modern, Dance Rumba, Dance Salsa, Dance Swing, Dance Tango, Dancer, Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano, Voiceover, Whistler, African Accent, American - New York Accent, American - Texan Accent, Asian Accent, Asian - Chinese Accent, Asian - Japanese Accent, French Accent, Fluent French