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Represented by:

Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency (TX) (713) 266-4488 Theatrical (Film / TV), Commercial, Voiceover, Print

TDH Talent Unlimited (GA) (770) 609-9505 Theatrical (Film / TV), Commercial, Voiceover TV/Film Reel Commercial Reel

Film / Television

Landman ep101

Supporting (Chubby)

Taylor Sheridan

Goon of the Lagoon (FF)

Supporting (Mr. Leonard)

Gino Payne

The Shining Hour (FF)

Supporting (Lowery)

John Jaquish

The Murdaugh Murders (FF)

Supporting (Cousin Eddie)

Jason Winn

Canoe Dig It (FF)

Lead/Ensemble (Greg Labbe)

Sam Dunning

Switched Up Christmas (FF)

Supporting (Gabe)

Zane Nixon

Jia (short)

Supporting (Walden)

Christopher Yates

Mo ep 106 (Netflix)

Co-Star (Pastor)

Slick Naim

Nemesis Eterna (FF)

Supporting (Skycast)

Stephen van Vuuren

You Can't Take My Daughter (Lifetime)

Supporting (Bob Moss)

Tori Garrett

Kopy Kings (FF)

Supporting (Mike)

Greg Dorchak

The Conway Curve (FF)

Supporting (Bob Goodman)

Marian Yeager

Results (FF)

Supporting (Rick Jackson)

Andrew Bujalski

American Crime ep. 103 (TV)

Co-Star (Bruce)

Gloria Muzio

The Program (FF)

Supporting (Tailwind Exec)

Stephen Frears

Longmire (TV ep 406)

Co-star (Bart)

TJ Scott

Land of Leopold (FF)

Supporting (Heckler in Bar)

Akis Konstantakopoulos

The Good, the Bad and the E.T. (short)

Lead (Milton Wright)

Tim Cunningham

Sick Boy (FF)

Supporting (Mr. Gordon)

Tim Cunningham

Longshots (FF)

Supporting (Ernie)

Fred Durst

Prison Break (TV ep 212)

Co-Star ep. 212 (Arresting Officer)

Karen Gaviola

Rolling Kansas (FF)

Supporting (Jimmy)

Thomas Hayden Church

Xtracurricular (FF)

Supporting (Ally's Dad)

Tim Cunningham


Hackers Anonymous

Principal (Larry)

Chris Dias

Laurel Road (National)

Principal (Dr. Misdirect)

Dir: Scott Rice

Planet Oat Oatmilk (National)

Principal (Witness Protection Guy)

Dir: Jeff Gonick

Dodge Ram (National)

Principal (Lazy Guy)

Dir: Spielbergs

Black Flag (SAG National)

Principal (Spider Guy)

Mike Woolf

Pella Windows (National)

Principal (Denied Dog Guy)

Mike Woolf

Valero: Clean Across America

Principal (Lobsterman)

Murry Breit/GeoMedia

Remington: Squirrel Army

Principal (Squirrel)

Mike Woolf/Beef and Pie

Chase Sapphire: Chef Nobu (SAG National)

Principal (Celebrity Friend)

Jeff Darling/HELLO!

Ace Hardware (SAG National)

Principal (Ace Guy)

Nic Iyer/Fueld Films

Choice Hotels (SAG/National)

Principal (Dancing/Free Guy)

Robb Bindler/Chelsea Pictures

Jimmy John's (SAG/National)

Principal (Traffic Guy)

Michael Graf/Spot Filmworks

Carino's (regional)


Craig Mikes/Rip Tear Shred

Eckrich Farms


Motiv Films

STOPzilla (National)


Andrew Christou/Moxie Media

Titan Auto Insurance (National)

Principal/Titan Guy

Lehnert Graham


IronWall360 (Web video)

Principal (VO)

360 Business

Gold Dust (Radio Play)


Class Clown Productions

Freelancer (video game)



Don't Mess with Texas


Boo Inks/Inks Prod.

Comp USA (print, national)


James Myers/Comp USA

Tivoli Systems (print, nat.)


Andrew Yates/Tivoli

off the bandwagon (CD)


Crazy Monks Prod.

Various Animation VOs


Gary Lipkowitz/ADV

On-camera and voice talent based in Austin, TX, Greg works primarily on Film and TV projects. A sample of training: The Creative Dave Pileggi Instinctive Actor Jo Kelly Scene Study Gil Junger, Paul Haggis, Tom Todoroff Master Class Various Instructors (online) Live The Life Margie Haber Studio Lyndon Technique Amy Lyndon The Mastery Van Brooks

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 185 lbs

Bowling, Canoeing, Kayaker, Ping Pong, Swimming - ability - general, Comedian, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Voiceover