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Represented by:

Big Fish NW Talent (WA) (877) 424-4347 ext. 3 Commercial, Dance / Choreography, Hosting, Models, Print, Product Print, Public Appearances, Theatrical, Voice-Overs


Country Please

Lead, Brittany Jean

Indus Alelia

We're Not Spies

Lead, Spy Sergeant & Simone

Indus Alelia

Outta This World, Sea 48hr Film Project

Lead, Astria Zonberg

Indus Alelia

Dating Shmating, Sea 48hr Film Project

Lead, Brandy

Indus Alelia

Embracing Mistakes, Sea 48hr Film Project

Lead, Trisha

Indus Alelia

Zulu Summer

Self, Friend

Interesting Human Media

Level Up, Sea 48hr Film Project

Lead Actress, Sheila Bedford

Indus Alelia

Take Me With You, Sea 48 Hr Horror Film Project

Lead Actress, Dahlia DeVries

Indus Alelia

Biddle and Fizz do the Apocalypse, Sea 48 Hr FP

Lead, Ginger Fizz

Indus Alelia


Supporting, Bartender

Starbucks Sponsored Silent Com

For The Love Of The Drub, Four Points Film Project

Lead, Priscilla Powanda

Indus Alelia

Sudden Developments

Lead, Pastor Winter

Neema Films

In Her Demons, Sea 48 Hr Horror Film Project

Lead, Barbara Barnes

Indus Alelia

From the First, Sea 48hr Film Project

Lead, Noa

Indus Alelia

Peaks Twin, Sea 48 Hr Horror Film Project

Lead, Daphne

Indus Alelia

Rash Avenue To Waterloo

Lead Actress, Bunny

Cayden Hodgenson

Dinner For Three

Lead, Charlotte

Liam Heyen& Henry Boffin

Comet Chronicles

Lead Actress, Ashley Comet

Hoplight Productions


Lead Actress, Captain Sperling

Grey Box Films

Glass Tunnel

Lead, Mermaid

Into the Woods Productions


Lead, Lola

Griffith University

Frankenstein’s Lover

Lead, Mozambique

Emma Mary Gover

Fists Of Blood

Lead, Caroline Archer

Shawline Films


Lead, Natalie

Bond University

You Beauty

Lead, Rose

Royal Melbourne Institute of T


Lead, Ruby

Meseret Belav


Supporting, Sarah Bryant

Little Red Balloon Films

Time, Tropfest Winner

Supporting, Future Person

Lucas Thyer

Half a Job

Supporting, Kate

Daniel Raynor

Locker Room

Supporting, Trophy Wife

Alberto Di Trio

Hanging Rock

Supporting, Joannie

Triton Films

Who's That Girl

Supporting, Jay Dawg

JR Media

The Fears of Young Caroline

Supporting, Nurse Teena

Talisha Elger

Three Parts

Supporting, Gabriel


Absolute Deception

Featured, Constable J Smith

Limelight International

Into The Wilderness

Featured, Neighbor

Aquarius Film

Zombies of Mass Destruction

Featured, Bride Zombie

Typecast Pictures

Sorry About Your Wife

Featured, Party Goer

Kiterock Pictures

Dear Lemon Lima

Featured, Teacher

Sanguine Films

Worlds Greatest Dad

Female Lead, Stand-in Alexie Gilmore

Bobcat Goldthwait

The Whole Truth

Female Lead, Stand In-Elisabeth Rohm

Heart Break Productionz

Given To Walk

Female Lead, Stand-in Alex Rice

Fidget Films

Perfect Sport

Strip Club Employee

Building Block Pictures


Co, Producer

Persona Pics

Rivers Run Through Me

Consulting, Producer

Neema Films

Once More With Feeling

Unit Line Producer, Assistant

Jeff Lipsky

Victimized: Forever Changed

Producer, Supervising

Charles Westley Perry

Voice Over

Alexa Moments Ad, Old Dog

Lead, Dog Owner

Clatter & Din/Amazon Echo

Alexa Moments Ad, BBQ

Lead, Wife

Clatter & Din/Amazon Echo

Alexa Moments Ad, Dough

Lead, Baker

Clatter & Din/Amazon Echo

Alexa Moments Ad, Tea

Lead, Mother

Clatter & Din/Amazon Echo

Alexa Moments Ad, ALT VERSION Dough

Lead, Baker

Clatter & Din/Amazon Echo

Microsoft Support Co Edit a Spreadsheet

Lead, Molly Dempsey

Resources Online

Microsoft Support Share A Spreadsheet

Lead, Molly Dempsey

Resources Online

Microsoft Support Edit Excel Sheet on Smart Phone

Lead, Molly Dempsey

Resources Online

Microsoft Support Open/Edit Excel Sheet on Tablet

Lead, Molly Dempsey

Resources Online

Microsoft Support Open Excel Sheet on IOS Device

Lead, Molly Dempsey

Resources Online

Microsoft Support Open Excel Sheet on IOS Device

Lead, Molly Dempsey

Resources Online

Save a Workbook to OneDrive for Business

Lead, Molly Dempsey

Resources Online

Microsoft Support Save a Workbook to Me and My Doc

Lead, Molly Dempsey

Resources Online

Car Toys Black Friday Sale 2016

Female Lead, excited woman

Destination Marketing

Microsoft Tablet Voice Recognition

Lead, Voice Over Artist

Speech Ocean Recording

Samsung Voice Recognition

Lead, American Accent, Dialect Model

Speech Ocean Recording


Alice In Chains, Lesson Learned

Lead Actress, Love Interest

Paul Matthaeus,Digital Kitchen

Nickelback, Something in your Mouth

Lead Actress, Love Interest

Heather Murphy,Northwest Film

Daru, Singer Aiysha Saagar

Supporting, Dancer

Neelu Singh, Time Music

Mere Tere Uthe, Singer Aiysha Saagar

Supporting, Dancer

Neelu Singh, Time Music

Sanu Teriyan, Singer Aiysha Saagar

Supporting, Dancer

Neelu Singh, Time Music

Live Performances Australia Tour

Supporting Singer Aiysha Saagar, Dancer

Neelu Singh, Time Music

J Wess, Get Down

Playing dancer & Love Interest

Mushroom Records, Vicious Urba


Creative Emmys 2017

Awards & Fox After Party Red Carpet

Life Below Zero, National Geog

Fatal Honeymoon

Featured With Lines, Party Girl

Lifetime Cable Channe

Ep Pole Doll Banged My Business

Lead, Dawn Rosiello

Supreme Justice with Judge Ka

Play Boy Golf Australia

Gold Coast Golf Course Model & Interview

Fashion TV Oceania

Baywatch Spoof with David Hasselhoff

Supporting Lifeguard, Baywatch Babe

Streets Splice Popsicles

Station 19

Featured Top Brass Firefighter, Lieutena

Shondaland & ABC Studios

Truck Talk

Love Interest, at St Kilda Bar

John Kelly & TJ Matthews, Para


Featured, Lawyer at State Capital

Paramount Network, Netflix

Terra Nova FOX & Netflix

Terranovian, Core Extra with Stunt abili

Steven Spielberg

Reef Doctors

Featured, Infected Patient

Channel 10 Australia


Featured, Royal Australian Navy Recruit

Fox 8 Australia

Fashion TV Oceania

Featured MUA of the month

Honey International Photo Agen

Das 100 Millionen Dollar Date

Foreground Street Woman, Background Car

Made for German Television Mo


Artemis Motion Pictures

Lead, Actress being Interviewed

Artemis Film Festival 2017

Mannatech Incorporated

Lead, Navigationl Host

Nick McClean

Lead, Navigationl Host

Foresight Films

MSU Communications Educational Videos

Lead, Runway Presenter

PBS Montana

Beach Life Model Search

Lead, Runway Presenter

Komune Resort Bali Indonesia

The Gold Coast Turf Club

Lead, Runway Presenter

Zo By Zoe Designs

Sunday Bloody Sunday Event

Lead, Half Time Show Presenter

Jaime Myer Productions

Journey Quest

Assistant MUA, Special Effects

Dead Gentlemans Productions


Montana Folk Festival

Lead, for all Television, Radio, & Inter

Don Andrews KBMF Radio MT

Pro Lab Orthotics

Lead, Scarlett Alexandra

Spin Creative

The Masked Singer Reveal, Season Finale Ad

Featured, Audience Member 43 sec Mark

Smart Dog Media, Fox

Fresh Start Detox & Hang Over Cure

Female Lead, Hung Over Girl in bed

Foxtel TVC Brand Launch

Microsoft Car Accessories

Lead, Navigation System

Tri Film Productions

Retail Bravern Sizzle

Lead, House Owner

Jorge Barrera

Nike, Keep it tight, Skate Ad

Featured Group, Seahawks Super Fan

J.T. Griffith, Russel Wilson K

Deadliest Catch Season Launch

Featured, Red Lobster Customer

Ernie Avila, Discovery Channe

Fly Nice Campaign

Featured, Courthouse Employee

Alaska Airlines

Final Fantasy 15 Japan Launch

Featured, U Dub Tacoma Stairs

Denise Gibbs

Microsoft Downtown

Featured, Bike Shop Scene

Strange and Wonderful

Single Mom Fundraiser Campaign

Featured, Parachute Older Daughter

World Pulse Magazine

Best Buy Focus Group

Executive Producer, Assistant

Kathy Ferrey


Sundance 2019 Private Events Recap

Lead, Party Goer & Host

Self, Improv Interviewer

Sundance 2018 Private Events Recap

Lead, Party Goer & Host

Self, Improv Interviewer

Sundance 2017 Private Events Recap

Lead, Party Goer & Host

Self, Improv Interviewer

AMC Dine-In Sunset 5 Cinema

Lead, Red Carpet Interviewer

Connect Film Fest 2017 Day 3

AMC Dine-In Sunset 5 Cinema

Lead, Red Carpet Interviewer

Connect Film Fest 2017 Day 2

AMC Dine-In Sunset 5 Cinema

Lead, Red Carpet Interviewer

Connect Film Fest 2017 Day 1

Sensor Suit Stunt Performer

Lead, Stunt Actress

Guidance Engineering

Style Utah Sundance Interview

Lead, Actress being Interview

Nephi Mobley

Awards Night Festival Interview with Q & A

Lead, & American Representative of Film

Connect Film Festival 2013


Carol Fox Prescott, Art of Breathing

LA 1day Intensive 2day Wknd Workshop

March & June 2019 Studio City

The Stunt Academy GC

Stunts For both Live Shows & Recorded

Colin Handley

The Australian Film & Television Academy

Acting and Presenting for Motion Picture

Johnathon Stewart

Melbourne Masterclass

Acting For Camera & Theater

Howard Fine

Monolog Masterclass

Auditions for Agents & Showcases

Laura Gardner

Kalles Levine Casting Studio

Commercial Approach

Patti Levine CSA

Media Entertainment Arts Alliance

Voice Over Genres

Abbe Holmes

The Actors Group Vashon Island

Character Styles

Scott Burns

Meisner Melbourne

The Meisner Technique For Freeing the A

Clare Dea

Tri County Technical

Ballroom Dancing, Dancer

Clemsen South Carolina


Savage X Fenty

Lead, 38 D Lingerie Model

TechStyle Fashion Group

Lead, Catalog Model, Ace Hotel

Hilary Board

American Cut Magazine

Lead, Runway Model

James Cheng & Belinda Leybold

Ruby Room Fashion Show

Lead, Runway Model

The Paramount Theatre and Eve

Damsel in this Dress

Lead, Fashion Model

Melina Halloway

The Hoff No Match for Coasts Silver Fox

Supporting, Cover Girl Issue 5

Australian Lifeguard Magazine


Lead, 38 D & DD Sports Bra Model

Shobha Philips

Honey Dew Intimates

Lead, 38D Bra Model

Michelle Chadsworth

Ingrid & Isabel

Lead, Maternity Model Sz L

Bella & Canvas

Island Lumber Fall Newsletter

Lead, Outer Wear Model

Do it Best Franchise

Island Lumber Spring Newsletter

Lead, Ladies Department Model

Do it Best Franchise

Island Lumber Summer Newsletter

Lead, Seasonal Womens Department Model

Do it Best Franchise

Island Lumber Winter Newsletter

Lead, Christmas Specials Model

Do it Best Franchise

Invictus Paco Rabanne

Lead, Fragrance Model


Title66th Annual Distributors Conference

Lead, Red Carpet Model

Walt Disney

Muppets Screening

Lead, Red Carpet Model


Captivate your Crowd

Lead, Wonder Woman

Applause Entertainment Pty Lt

Bondstock Fashion Show

Lead, Runway Model


Bondstock Fashion Show

Lead, Runway Model


Bondstock Fashion Show

Lead, Runway Model


Bondstock Fashion Show

Lead, Runway Model

Tiffany Miller Signature Desi

The Moroccan Line

Lead, Jewelry Model

Somersault Style

Internet Campaign Launch

Lead, Runway Model

Papusza Couture

Magazine Campaign

Lead, Photographic Model

Fancy Pony Land

Evolve Cosmetics

Lead, Makeup Model

Richard De Chazal

Whats Your Temperature Feature

Lead, Cover Girl

Fever Magazine

Gold Coast Charity Fundraiser

Lead, Runway Model

Animal Welfare League

Online Advertisements

Lead, Website Model

Jessica Bravo

Tracing the Echoes

Lead, Palindrome IV Live Art Display

Kate Winterton

Haute Hair Show Spokane '07 & '08

Lead, Opening Act Runway

Michael Vain Salon

Whitewater World & Dream World

Lead, Newspaper Model

Courier Mail

Grand Prix 2013

Lead, Car Model

Pacific Pines Housing and Parks

Lead, Real Estate Model


St Kilda App, Etihad Stadium

Lead, App Model

Spoon Marketing

Mortgage Choice

Lead, Finance Model

Dana Brown

Good Life Gyms Victoria Campaign

Lead, Fitness Model

Manager Katrina

Footy Sweepstakes Giveaway

Lead, Giveaway Model

Metricon Stadium

Global Rags

Lead, Clothing Model

Leon Siebel

4x Gold Brewery

Lead, Beer Model

Atrium & PA Bar

Great Northerner Lager

Lead, Brew Model

Fosters Brewing Company

Boss Liquor Pty Ltd

Lead, Business Model

Ryan Mcfie

Bupa Insurance

Lead, Health Model

Bec Blankley

Frankston Mitsubishi

Lead, Sales Model

Joel Walker

Melbourne Baby Expo 13

Lead, Mother Model

Dee Hamilton

V8 Super School

Lead, Student Model

Paul Morris

Holden Provision Centre

Lead, Corporate Model

Paul Morris

Performance Driving Centre

Lead, Event Model

Paul Morris

Lead, Driver Model

Paul Morris

Listen Out Festival '13

Lead, Role Model

Anti Binge Drinking Campaign

Calibre Management

Lead, Elevator Model

Amelia Ryan

Linq Promotions

Lead, Model Manager

James Parker

Top Models & Events

Lead, Company Model

Rochelle de la Croix

Demo Plus

Lead, Demonstrational Mode

Dara Duch


Lead, Launch Model

Samantha Harder

Active Edge

Lead, Activation Model

Mark Fountain

Unique Intl

Lead, VIP Model

Alexandra Hamilton

Sass & Bentley

Lead, Brand Model

Amar Alamar

Gaston Management

Lead, Product Model

Kim Gaston

Schoolies (Spring Break) 2011

Lead, Safety Model

The Australian Government

NAB Headquarters

Lead, Promotional Launch Talent

Kyle Swindon

Direct Image

Lead, Commercial & Promo Talent

Davina Grzelak


Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 180 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Long


Air Bags and Box Rigs, Boat Fall Outs, Car Hits, Fire Burns, Flying Trapeze, Forward Rappelling, Jerkbacks, Low and High Falls, Pits and Crash Mats, Shoulder & Dive Rolls, Static Stops, Tackles, Jumps, Squibs, Theory Element, Weapons&Gang Sequences, Window Penetrations, Wire Work, Aerobics, Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Boating - engine, Boating - Sail, Body Surfing, Bowling, Boxing, Canoeing, Cheerleading, Combat - Stage, Cycling, Cycling - Mountain Biking, Diving, Fencing, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Golf, Gymnastics, Hackey Sack, Handball, Hula Hoop, Ice Skating, Jump Rope, Jump Rope - Double Dutch, Kayaker, Kickboxing, Lifeguard, Martial Arts, Martial Arts - Mixed, Martial Arts - Taekwondo, Motorcycle Riding - General, Mountain Climbing, Ping Pong, Pogo Stick, Rappelling, Rock Climber, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Running - General, Running - Long Distance, Running - Sprint, Sailing, Sailor, Scuba Diving, Segway, Shooting - Rifle, Skateboard - street, Sky Diving, Snorkeling, Snow Skiing - Cross Country, Snow Skiing - General, Snowboarding, Snowmobile, Softball, Surfing, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - diving, Swimming - freestyle, Swimming - Synchronized, Tennis, Trampoline, Volleyball, Water Skiing, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Yoga, Auctioneer, Audio Prompter, Bartender - Vegas Style Flair, Chef, Clowning, Comedian, Dance - Pole Dancing, Dance Ballet, Dance Ballroom, Dance Belly, Dance Hip Hop, Dance Jazz, Dance Line/Country, Dance Modern, Dance Salsa, Dance Tango, Dance Tap, Dancer, Diving, Drums, Ear Prompter, Firearms, Harmonica, Host, Impressionist, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Mime, Modeling, Motorcyclist, Piano, Precision Driver, Square Dance Caller, Stunts, Teleprompter, Vocal Style: Rapper, Voiceover, Whistler