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Exclusive Artists Agency (CA) 310-867-3176




Bryce Powell

The Nightmare Machine


Gerald Robert Waddell

Life After College


Tayler Byers

The Necklace


Jeffrey Podany

Selected Theater



Tracy Fuller


Master Weekend Intensive

Margie Haber

Margie Haber Studio

On Camera Advanced Ongoing

Diane Charles, Tania Nolan, Robin Dale M

Margie Haber Studio

Self Taping 3 week Intensive

Ramani Leah, CSA

The Casting Director's Cut

Viola Spolin Improvisation Training

Robin Dale Meyers

Robin Dale Meyers

Winning One Liners

Ramani Leah CSA, Becky Silverman CSA

The Casting Director's Cut

The Acting Retreat

Larry Moss, Lesly Kahn, Margie Haber

The Casting Director's Cut

Ace Your Self Tape

Erica S. Bream and Cara Chute Rosenbaum

The Casting Director's Cut

On Camera Intermediate Ongoing

Diane Charles

Margie Haber Studio

On Camera Intensive

Margie Haber

Margie Haber Studio

Alyssa Reichel is a SAG-E versatile and passionate actor who can play 16 to early 20s, and can go out for the sweet and innocent girl-next-door, to the calculated and manipulative mean/popular girl. She is Los Angeles based, and spends her time training at Margie Haber Studio taking on camera classes, working the self tape studio as a reader, and working on tv and film sets to gain experience. She is originally from Boise, Idaho!

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 129 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Long


Cheerleading, Hula Hoop, Running - General, Swimming - ability - general, Guitar, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Piano, Singer, Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano, Vocal Range: Soprano, Voiceover