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Represented by:

BBR (Brady, Brannon & Rich) (CA) (323) 852-9559 Commercial

Wild Models Talent Agency (CA) (310) 407-5174 Hosting, Models, Print, Product Print

Agent (LA - Commercial): BBR Talent Agency


Agent (LA - Print): Kurt Clements -Wild Models


Agent (NY): James Pentaudi - Albany Talent


Theatre / Live Performances

'Bhavacakra: The Wheel of Life' - Staged Reading

Chipo - Lead

E. Chisholm (dir.) Polaris N.

The House of Bernarda Alba

Martirio - Supporting

M. Chahade-Dir. Bedlam Ensem.

‘Grandpa Was A Bachelor’

Kahlia – Supporting

G. Startseva (dir.) Bedlam Ens

‘The Delirium of Edgar A. Poe’


M. Chahade-Dir. Bedlam Ensem.

‘The Savage Queen'

Staged Reading – Kara - Supporting

Edgar Chisholm (Writ.; dir.)

'Pieces - The Old Triple Time Step'

Cally - Lead

M. Chahade-Dir. Bedlam Ensem.

Vignettes for the Apocalypse V - 'Innsmouth'

Rachael - Lead

Robert Gonyo - Director

'Cairo Stories - 'Veil'

Intisar - Lead

Abbie Chase - Director (S.O.L)

'Captain Dingleman's Great Adventure'

Staged Reading- Captain Dingleman - Lead

Phillip Weiss - Director

'Wiseacre Farm'

Ensemble Cast - Cliffie the Pig

Duncan Moore - Director

'Lesson in Blood'

Reading - Ojaudah - Supporting

A.Thompson-Scretching - Dir.

'The Horseman's Hollow'

Ensemble Cast

Lance Hallowell - Director

'Flesh Light Stories - The Boulevard of Brazzaville'

Simone Berenice Boyama - Lead

FringeNYC '10- M. Chahade-Dir

'Tulpa, Or Anne & Me'

Staged Reading - GAB2 - Supporting

Keri Seymour - Director

'All God's Saint's Go To Heaven - Not!'

Agnes - Lead

Terry Ballard - Director

'The Ritual'

Ensemble Cast - Girl 2

Melody Brooks - N.P.Theatre

From Cancer To Off Broadway - 'Waking Up'

Staged Reading - Lead

Pat Golden-Cherry Lane Theatre


Ensemble Cast

Fringe NYC Festival - 2009


Ensemble Cast

Teatre Polski, Poznan, Poland


Ensemble Cast

M. Wamser, A. Barrow - S.O.T.S

MMRP - 'None Of Us Are Monologist ...aka Chill'

Ensemble Cast - Rwandan Refugee - Lead

The CoOp Theatre East

'Girl Fun'

Boom - Supporting

W. Latella - A. Seelen Theater

'Happy Hour'

Ensemble - Sketch Comedy - Cast Member

Michael Horn-Director -M.C.T.C

'Mill Fire'

Widow 3 - Supporting

Angela Astle - Retro Prods.

'Mourning Becomes Eliza'

Narrator - Lead

D.V.D. Sande - Merchant House

SNL @ The Bruckner

M.C. (Singer - Host)

The Bruckner Gallery, NY

My Night Out

Performer (Singer)

Dillions Dinner Theatre, NY

Glee Club

Choir Member (Alto), Soloist

Stevens Inst. of Technology

The Voice

Poetry Recitation

Stevens Inst. of Technology

Ten Commandements



Modern Dance Group

Dancer, Performer

Hunter College, NY

TV / Films/Music Videos

Ear Bud

Carry - Lead

Theodore Robinson (dir.)

'Asa (A Beautiful Girl)'

Aloaye Abaeze - Supporting

M. Chahade, A. N. Sela (dirs.)

'Sodus Point'

Curator - Supporting

Melissa Kyle (dir.)

'In The End'

Mercy - Lead

Vincho Nchogu (dir.)

'The Burlesque Sisters'

Featured Principal

Evan Seplow (prod., dir.)

Sea Monster - 3D

Detective Toro - Lead

Gray Miller (prod., dir.)

'W.W.W. of Color'

Anchorwoman - Supporting

E. Ricard (dir.)

'The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant'

Karin - Supporting

Dena Rosenberg (dir.)

'A Tangled Web'

Jackie Cavanaugh - Supporting

Joseph Latimore (dir.)

'Paris, Nevada: American Insurgents'

Maggie - Supporting

Dawn M. Greem (dir)

'The Unidentified'

1920's Flapper

Kevan Tucker (dir)

'Brandy's Initiation'

Featured Principal

Jayme Morales (dir.)


Complete list available upon request

R.R. Donnelley


Dylan Tuccillo for R.R. Don.

In Your Dreams

Interactive Web for Published Book

Dylan Tuccillo - Director

Global Sexiness Campaign


Erika Clarke - Exec. Prod.

Mastercard Worldwide

Web Ad Campaign

Alex Burton - Producer

TV One - ID Tags

TV One

Scott Perkins - Director

Loreal - SoftSheen Carson

International Hair Show -Meadowland Expo

Luois Vuitton Journey Spec.

Candlefly Productions

Kyle O'Tain - Director

AVON - Breast Cancer PSA

Lifetime Televison

Felix Thompson - Director


Logo Channel

AT&T Industrial

Javitz Convention

'Face It' - Sickle Cell PSA

Cable Television

Stevens Institute of Technology Brochure

Spokesmodel & Print model

Lektra Laboratories Panoramic Cameras

Spokesmodel & Print model

Dave Silverberg - Prod. / Dir.

SuperLite Backgrounds

Spokesmodel & Print model

Dave Silverberg - Prod. / Dir.


Acting Technique

Michael Beckett

HB Studios, NY

Acting Technique

Donna Marrazzo

Donna Marrazzo Studios, NYC

Technique Workshop

Mike Lemon

Mike Lemon Casting Std, PA

On-Camera Study

Donna Marrazzo

Donna Marrazzo Studios, NYC

Improv Technique

Donna Marrazzo

Donna Marrazzo Studios, NYC

Vocal Training

Adrian Holtz, Michael Scarcella

Brooklyn, NY; NY, NY


Joanne Lynn, Brooke Bundy

Nustars, New York, NY

Intro to Improv

Brooke Bundy, Stephanie Pollenz

Nustars, New York, NY

Intro to Soaps

Sheryl Baker-Fisher

Nustars, New York, NY

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Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 135 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Short


Abstract Art Painting, Cinematography, Editing, Figure Modeling, I.T Tech Support, Interviewing, Journalism (Reporter), Live Hosting, Machinist, Photography, Poetry Writing, Retail Sales, Screenwriting, Script Editing, Waitressing, Writing Literature, Aerobics, Basketball, Billiards/Pool Player, Bowling, Frisbee, Ice Skating, Kayaker, Rollerblading, Running - General, Running - Long Distance, Running - Sprint, Soccer, Swimming - ability - general, Track & Field, Volleyball, Yoga, Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Alto, Vocal Style: Legit, Voiceover, African Accent, American - Southern Accent, British - BBC English Accent