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Pulling The Plug On Mom (Pre-Production)


April Yanko

New Media

Stoner Dungeon (Post-Production)


Luisa McDougall / PiFlicks

New York Theatre



Katherine Wilkinson / Columbia

Regional Theatre

This Property Is Condemned


Larissa Jantonio / Aftershock

Titus Andronicus

Young Lucius

Joanna Lowe / Cup-A-Jo

University Theatre

Branwell (and the other Brontës)

Anne Brontë

Rusty Thelin / Point Park U


Government Inspector

Kelly Trumbull / Point Park U

The Fool That Applied To Apple


Adrianne Knapp / Point Park U

The Philadelphia


John McGovern / Point Park U


Commercial Improv (Ongoing)

Stacy Gallo & Phil Cassese

Stacy Gallo Casting

Scene Study (Ongoing)

Mimi Lieber


Private Scene Study (Ongoing)

Jordan Woods-Robinson

Book From Tape Studios


Lou Gonzalez

Squirrel Comedy Theatre

On-Camera Scene Study

Stephen Singer

The Barrow Group

Theatre Scene Study

Jaclyn Biskup


Summer Shakespeare Training Institute

Tina Packer, Dennis Krausnick, and more

Shakespeare & Company

Bachelor of Arts: Acting

Robin Walsh, Richard Keitel, and more

Point Park University

Casting Director Multi-Week Workshops

On-Camera / Theatre Scene Study

David Caparelliotis

Caparelliotis Casting

On-Camera Auditions

James Calleri, Paul Davis

Calleri Casting

On-Camera Auditions

Karyn Casl, Brian Sutow

Telsey & Company

On-Camera Auditions

Julie Tucker, Ross Meyerson

Tucker/Meyerson Casting

On-Camera Auditions

Maribeth Fox

Laura Rosenthal Casting

On-Camera Auditions

Jack Bowdan

Mark Saks Casting

On-Camera Auditions

Christine Kromer

Kromer Casting

On-Camera Auditions

Aaron Schoonover

Bess Fifer Casting

On-Camera Auditions

Kim Miscia

Bowling/Miscia Casting

Theatre Scene Study

Alaine Alldaffer

Playwrights Horizons

Theatre Auditions

Pat McCorkle, Jeffrey Dreisbach

McCorkle Casting

Jill (they/them/theirs) is a non-binary New York actor and writer. They are from a small, wooded town in Connecticut and in 2017 they graduated from Point Park University with a Bachelors of Arts in Theatre Arts: Acting. Characters to play: cisgender women or AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth) non-binary people. Check out more of Jill's work at www.thejillbradshaw.com.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 180 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Laban Movement, Linklater Voice, Playwright, Sword Fighting, Unarmed Combat, Viewpoints, Improvisation, Vocal Range: Soprano, British - BBC English Accent, New York Accent, Southern Accent