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  • Douglas Stewart Work Reel_2024 (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Edited clips from the following feature films: "COLD FEET", "LIGHTNING JACK", "IF YOU COULD SAY IT IN WORDS", and the film short, "WHAT ABOUT YOU?".

  • James the Butler in COLD FEET (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    James is a devious family butler and driver who eventually becomes the murderer in this clip from the murder mystery-comedy COLD FEET, directed and written by Ross McNamara. Filmed in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota. Representation: Mitchell & Associates, 505-262-9733

  • Frank the Shopkeeper in LIGHTNING JACK (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Opening Scene in the movie, LIGHTNING JACK, written by Paul Hogan and directed by Simon Wincer. Frank, the Junction City Shopkeeper (Douglas Stewart), informs Sheriff Kurtz (played by the late Pat Hingle) that The Younger Brothers Gang are in town. Shot on location in New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. Representation: Mitchell & Associates, 505-262-9733

  • Dr. Sid Meyers in IF YOU COULD SAY IT IN WORDS (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    An inebriated Dr. Sidney Meyers waxes eloquent about Nelson's artwork to Sadie (Marin Ireland) at a special gathering at the medical offices of Dr. Mark Gibson in the multi-award winning film IF YOU COULD SAY IT IN WORDS directed and written by Nicholas Gray. Shot at various locations in Philadelphia, PA. Representation: Mitchell & Associates, 505-262-9733

  • Mr. Pierce in WHAT ABOUT YOU? (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Mr. Pierce, a school teacher, is lecturing a group of students in detention in the film short WHAT ABOUT YOU?. Directed and Written by Marcus Anthony. Shot on location in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Representation: Mitchell & Associates, 505-262-9733

  • Andy Warhol Screen Test- 2020 (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Silent film study featuring Douglas Stewart. Shot at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. (2020). This clip was not shot in slow motion but rather highlighted the subtleties of minimal movement and discipline by the actor Douglas Stewart over several minutes. Representation: Mitchell & Associates, 505-262-9733

  • Douglas Stewart Character VO Reel (Audio Tracks)  Quicktime

    These clips represent various character voices by Douglas Stewart (SAG-AFTRA) for animation, television and radio commercials, and new media. Representation: Mitchell & Associates, 505-262-9733

  • Douglas Stewart Primary VO Reel (Audio Tracks)  Quicktime

    These clips represent the primary voiceover reel by Douglas Stewart (SAG-AFTRA) for television and radio commercials, and new media. Representation: Mitchell & Associates, 505-262-9733

Résumé Print Résumé

Represented by:

Mitchell and Associates Talent (NM) (505) 262-9733 Theatrical (Film / TV), Commercial, Theatre, Voiceover, Modeling, Print, Hosting / Public Appearances



Town Father (Supporting)

Joel Souza, Director

What About You

Mr. Pierce (Featured)

Marcus Downs, Director

If You Could Say It In Words

Dr. Sidney Myers (Supporting)

Nicholas Gray, Director

Cold Feet

James the Butler (Supporting)

Ross McNamara, Director

Lightning Jack

Frank the Shopkeeper (Featured)

Simon Wincer, Director

Car Dealer

Customer (Supporting)

Eddie Nelson, Director

Cultivating Charlie

Double for Richard Libertini/Driver

Alex Georges, Director

Tender Mercies


Bruce Beresford, Director


Lazarus Man

Telegraph Clerk (Co-Star)

Turner Broadcasting Systems

Unsolved Mysteries

Abraham Staab (Starring)

Cosgrove-Meurer Productions

Unsolved Mysteries

Detective Romero (Co-Star)

Cosgrove-Meurer Productions


Dancer at Oil Baron's Ball

Lorimar Productions

Fox 9 Morning News Xmas

Co-Host w/Alix Kendall

KMSP-TV (Minneapolis)

Fox 9 Morning News Xmas

Co-Host w/Andrew Zimmern

KMSP-TV (Minneapolis)

Twin Cities Live

Guest w/Elizabeth Ries/John Hanson

KSTP-TV (St. Paul, MN)

KARE 11 Saturday

Guest w/Eric Perkins

KARE-TV (Minneapolis)


National Kidney Foundation

Guy Next Door (Principal)

Katz, Dochtermann, Epstein/NYC


Dad (Principal)

GSD&M/Austin, TX

Bounce Fabric Softener

Dermatologist (Principal)

Southwest Productions/Alb., NM

Hyundai Motors, Inc.(2)

Bad Car Dealer (Principal)

Backer Spielvogel, Bates/CA.

Showbiz/Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza (15)

Dad (Principal)


Lone Star Beer

Bartender (Principal)

George Kline Prods./Dallas

Apple Mobile Homes

Truck Driver (Principal)

The Idea Group/Dallas


ManCave Worldwide

Spokesman (3 years)

Minneapolis, MN.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

National Spokesman (5 years)

Dallas, TX.

Eastman Kodak

VOC & Live Show (Principal)

Dallas, TX.

Miller Brewing

VOC:Russian (Principal)

Dallas, TX.

Taco Villa

VOC: Russian Spy (Principal)

Dallas, TX.


VOC: Captain O'Riley (Principal)

Albuquerque, NM.


Live Show Spokesman

National Tour


VOC: Husband (Principal)

Austin, TX.


VOC; Mechanic (Principal)

San Antonio, TX.


Live Show: VetDerm Jones

Acapulco, Mexico

Southwestern Bell Telephone

VOC; 3 Guys (Principal)

Dallas, TX.

Federal Express

VOC: The Devil (Principal)

Dallas, TX.


The Booby Trap

Franklin Daugherty (Lead)

FUSION @ The Cell Theatre/Alb.

Absurd Comedy Short Play Fest

Justus (Lead)

FUSION Theatre/Albuquerque

Talk Radio

Barry Champlain (Lead)

Actors Repertory of NM (Alb)

Fool for Love

Eddie (Lead)

Actors Repertory of NM (Alb)

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Nick (Lead)

Actors Repertory of NM (Alb)

Season's Greetings

Neville (Lead)

Vortex Theatre/Albuquerque, NM

Shakespeare-on-the Halfshell

Various Lead Roles

Touring Company, New Mexico

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens (Narrator/Lead)

Zachary Scott Theatre, Austin

Lone Star

Roy (Lead)

Hard City Theater, Dallas, TX.

A Life in the Theater

John (Lead)

Circle Theatre, Ft. Worth, TX.

El Gesticulador

Cesar Rubio (Lead)

Teatro Dallas/Theatre Three


Peter (Lead)

Alliance Theatre, Dallas, TX.


Elwood P. Dowd (Lead)

GAPST, Dallas, TX.

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd (Lead)

GAPST, Dallas, TX.

Don't Drink the Water

Father Drobney (Lead)

Santa Fe Community Theatre

So Bright the Night

Sheriff Traeger (Supporting)

Minnesota Fringe Festival

Bleacher Bums

Richie (Supporting)

Circle Theatre, Ft. Worth, TX.

Three Sisters

Andrei (Supporting)

Santa Fe Community Theatre

Our Town

Howie Newsome (Supporting)

Dallas Repertory Theatre

Savage in Limbo

Murk (Supporting)

Vortex Theatre/Albuquerque, NM

The Great White Hope

Cameron/Ragosy (Supporting)

Capital City Playhouse, Austin

Sleeping Beauty Ballet

King Fortinbras (Character Role)

Continental Ballet/Bloomington

The Nutcracker Ballet

Drosselmeyer (Character Role)

The Dallas Ballet


Masters in Education (2014)

eLearning/Technology Education

Concordia University/Portland

M.A. Studies (1992-97)

Theatre Directing

University of New Mexico

B.A. in Dance

Ballet, modern, jazz

Point Park College, Pittsburgh

British American Theater Institute

Shakespeare/Theatre Studies

College of Santa Fe

Adam Rourke

Film studies

Film School, Las Colinas, TX.

Anne Jackson

Voice training

Dallas, TX.

Annual Management Development Program

Certificate of Completion

Harvard University, Cambridge

Douglas Stewart (Producing Artistic Director, Matchbox Theater Company) is an accomplished actor with over 100 roles in theater, film, television, commercials, and industrials. Directing credits include The Booby Trap, Oleanna, The Weir, Thom Pain, The Rivals, Talk Radio, Greater Tuna, A Christmas Carol, Bleacher Bums, and Earth Day Rocks!. He has taught acting and dance since the early-80's. He has danced professionally with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Dallas Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, and Continental Ballet.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 220 lbs

Baseball, Basketball, Billiards/Pool Player, Bowling, Combat - Stage, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Golf, Ping Pong, Dance Ballet, Dance Ballroom, Dance Line/Country, Dance Salsa, Guitar, Host, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Singer, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Baritone, Vocal Range: Bass, Voiceover, American - Cajun Accent, American - Minnesota Accent, American - New York Accent, American - Southern Accent, American - Texan Accent, Australian Accent, British - BBC English Accent, British - Cockney Accent, East Indian Accent, French Accent, German Accent, Irish Accent, Russian Accent, Scottish Accent