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Represented by:

Barefoot Models & Talent (AL) (251) 344-5554 Commercial, Equity, Print, SAG-AFTRA

Stewart Talent - NY Children/Young Adults (NY) (212) 315-5505


Untitled Tedder Fuller Pilot

High School Musician

Nickelodeon / Simon Fuller


Little Women


Everblue Arts

Band Geeks

Laura (US)

Everblue Arts

The Toy Shoppe


Everblue Arts

Sister Act


Everblue Arts


A Christmas Carol

Martha Cratchit

Eastern Shore Rep Theatre

Much Ado About Nothing


FHS Highschool


Child Entertainer

Eastern Shore Rep Theatre

James and the Giant Peach


ESRT, JTF, MTI, Atlanta GA


Brooklyn Newsie

ESRT/ Dir. David Redman Scott


CDH Stimulant Misuses

PSA / Spotify

Brian Staudinger/ Peppershock

Cosmic Kids (Network Pitch)

Cassie (Lead)

Barnstormer Media

Good Reason Huston

Child Narrator

Idea Machine Studio

What is the Second Amendment


Chris Braly / Big-Studio

GoKidGo Audio Podcast

Jess - The Holidays


The King Of

Daisy- Educational VO

Life Changing Experiences

TRAINING (Partial List )


Everblue Arts Studio

Vocal Coach (ongoing)

Dorothy Savage

The Prep NJ

Vocal Technique

Bobby Cronin

Justin Stoney Studio

Vocal Workshop

Justin Stoney

Voice Over

KidsVO, LA

VO Coaching (ongoing)

Tony Gonzales

Atlanta VO Studio

Advanced Animation

Debi Derryberry

The Prep NJ

VO Commercial/Animation

Nate Begle/Mindy Leanse

Paul Liberti Studio

VO Audition Technique

Paul Liberti

Atlanta VO Studio

VO Animation Class

Brian Bremmer

Real Voice LA

Animation for Teens

Sherry Lynn and Jessie Evans

Real Voice LA

Animation Workshop

Ashley Nguyen

Real Voice LA

Disney Promo Workshop

Ryan Clark

Atlanta VO Studio

VO Script Analysis

Sally Neal


Everblue Arts Studio

Acting for the Stage (ongoing)

Dorothy Savage

The Prep NJ

Acting Film/Commercial

Jessi Clayton / Sarah Baskin

Acting Out Academy

Film Acting Intensive

Meg Duesner

Second City Improv Class

Acting Out Academy

The Prep NJ

Commercial Copy

Brandon Salerno

The Prep NJ

Acting Technique and Self Tape

Purva Bedi

Everblue Arts NY

On Camera Technique

Jen Rudin

Acting Out Academy

On Camera Fundamentals

Cindy Hogan

Everblue Arts Studio

Performance Master Class

Mike Wartella

Acting Out Academy

Stage Combat

Stewart Hawley


Linda Rose Iennaco

Tap/ Jazz Dance Workshop

Linda Rose Iennaco

Everblue Arts Studio

Jazz/ Tap class

Elyn Collier

Soprano w/belt, novice ukulele player, proficient bike riding/swimming, advanced drawing and creative art, fiction writer, Accents- Scottish, British, Russian and Southern. Character voices. Home VO studio. Drivers License, Georgia Work Permit

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 135 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Hair Length: Shoulder Length


Can Draw, Can ride a bike, Character Voices, Memorizes Easily, Fishing, Running - General, Swimming - ability - general, Guitar, Improvisation, Piano, Singer, Vocal Range: Soprano, Voiceover, American - Southern Accent, British - BBC English Accent, Scottish Accent