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Represented by:

Eris Talent Agency (CA) (424) 389-0008 SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical

Visionary Artists (CA) (818) 760-9838 SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical


Santa's Little Helper

Harvey Ward

Fox feature USA Network,Amazon

Exorcism of Molly Hartley

Father James

Fox feature Netflix, Amazon


Phil (Felix's dad)

Awesomeness feature Netflix

There's No Such Thing as Vampires

Detective Sykes

feature film

Death Pool

Mr. Taylor

feature film Redbox, Amazon

All American Bikini Car Wash

Professor Dugan

feature film Amazon, Sony Ch.

Just Like Me & You

Mr. McCarthy

feature film

S'id's Lake

Mr. Gabriel

feature film

Suicide by Cop


feature film

Tidy Tim's

Loan Ranger agent

feature film

Mac Daddy's Vegas Adventure

Dr. Sam Coleman

feature film, Amazon

Miss Arizona

Officer Stephen

feature film festival winner

The Opiate Diaries


feature film, Amazon

8 Days to Hell

Harry Tindle

feature film

Lana Golan

Professor Madden

feature film, Amazon

Killer Looks

Doctor Ackerman

feature film, Amazon

Vermin Town

Mr. Morton

feature film iTunes, Amazon

The Turning


feature film

Swipe Left

Kevin Herald, broker

feature film

Purging Hour

Chris Carter

feature film, Amazon

Cry Baby

Reverend Stone

feature film

Miles Away

Dr. Brown

feature film, limited theat.

Lake of Fire

Ellen's Doctor

feature film

It's in the Streets


feature film, Amazon

Quadrant 9EV9

Dr. Phillips

feature film, Amazon

Mac Dadddy & the Lovers


feature film, Amazon

Monster & Me (Santa & Me)

Dr. Collier

feature film, Amazon



short film, Amazon

full list of 35 short films

available upon request


Lost in Space

XO, Jiang's Exec. Officer (co-star)

Netflix TV series - Season 2

My Crazy Ex

Detective Daniels (guest star)

LMN Lifetime Movie Network


Howard Appledorf (guest star)

ID Investigation Discovery

Discord & Harmony

Jeffrey, Jamie's Dad (recurring)

Netflix sitcom pilot 2 eps.

Back Stabber

Ricky Knight (recurring)

Amazon Prime series 2 seasons

High School Drama

Mr. Wesley (recurring guest star)

TV sizzle reel/presentation


Noah (regular)

TV sizzle reel

I, Angel

Mr. Burnett (guest star)

Cineplex (International TV)

Murder Book

Defense Attorney (co-star)

ID Investigation Discovery

In the Money

Stephen Potter (recurring)

comedy pilot presentation

Modern Life & Stress

Dad (co-star)

Charter Comm. PanArmenian

The Perils of Studying Overseas

Professor Cowan (guest star)

China TV stations

'Family Moments' bumpers

Husband/Dad (co-star)

The Hub Network

Jon Sandler: Stars Align

Husband/Dad (co-star)

Logo Channel

Justice For All

Dr. Ronald Noble (guest star)

National TV syndication

Unusual Suspects

Lou Eliopulos, ME (co-star)

Investigation Discovery

Promo Life

Consumer (co-star)


Diagnosis: Dead or Alive

Family Doctor (co-star)

Discovery Fit & Health

Eric Andre Show

Camera Man (co-star)

Cartoon Network Adult Swim

Commercials/Print Ads/Industrials

over 70 commercials

inc. print ads and industrials

full list avail upon request

Internet & New Media

Lele Pons: Celoso (lyric)

Wedding Officiant

music video

LANY: Thru These Tears

ER Doctor

music video


Mr. Stern, teacher (guest star)

Awesomenesstv youtube series

It's a Girl Thing

Dr. Wilson (guest star)

Awesomenesstv youtube series

Meadow Valley Academy

Dad (recurring)

TV series trailer

Real Life Academy

Prof. Ripkins (series regular)

youtube series

Visa Financial Literacy

Rick Taylor, CEO (supporting)

Conductorr video game

Spartan Race: Project Loon

Stephen, physicist (supporting)

viral digital short

Heroine Legends

Dr. Parrish (recurring - 6 eps.)

video on demand series

Caleb Johnson: Fighting Gravity

Dr. Jon Frost (supporting)

music video

Lenna: No, No, No


music video

Kellie Rivers: Shattered

PTSD veteran (lead)

music video

Teachers' Lounge

David (lead)

series pilot

Zachary the Zombie

Dad (lead)

series pilot

Go Stop Go: If You Want It

Business Man (lead)

music video

Comedy Viral Project

Husband (lead)

comedy short

High Society

Tim Winkle (supporting)

web series

Awkward Moments

Husband (supporting)

web series

Everyday Lies

Guy on Train (supporting)

web series

Blake G: Far Away

Business Man (lead)

music video

Voice Over

The Dracula Files

Renfield (series regular)

audio drama series 3 seasons

New American Funding

Family Man

regional radio commercial



TV sizzle reel

XB Logistics


web commercial

Detained in the Desert

Radio Host

feature film



Marsden (lead)

Above the Curve Theatre

Love, Olivia

Tony, drug dealer

staged reading



Improv Core Track (Ongoing)

Christinna Chauncey

On Camera Audition for Film/TV

Lindsay Wagner

On Camera Scene Study

Hal Masonberg

On Camera Commercials

Ken Lerner

Cold Reading

Jeffrey Fox

Scene Study

Bill Howey Studio

Willing & able to work as a local hire outside of Los Angeles. Approved for a Canada work permit on three separate jobs. For demo reels and additional photos, please see my website: Willing to have facial hair or be clean shaven. Have both contact lenses and glasses.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 155 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


business skills, Computer literate, MBA graduate, Improvisation, Modeling, Voiceover, Southern Accent