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Represented by:

Eileen Haves Talent Representative (NY) (212) 249-0033 Commercial, Print, SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical, Voice-Overs

Ingrid French Management (NY) (646) 602-0653 Commercial, Print, Product Print, SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical, Voice-Overs

Maultsby Talent (NC) (336) 638-1797

Maultsby Talent NY (NY) 646-357-0842 Commercial, Print, Product Print, SAG-AFTRA, Theatrical, Voice-Overs


The Blacklist, 'The Kenyon Family'

Sneezing Woman, Co-Star

Sony Pictures Television,

David Platt, Dir.

Congratulations Debbie

Trish, Supporting

Gummy Butterfly Pictures

Roger Hayn, Dir.

CARL(A) , the Movie

Nurse, Co-Star.

Subprime the Movie, LLC

Eli Hershko, Dir.

The Politics of Conflict

Johanna Schusten, Supporting lead

Cyprian Films, LLC.

Minos Papas, Dir.

The Dish and the Spoon

Waitress, Co-Star

Humble Productions, LLC.

Alison Bagnall, Dir.

Heads or Tails

Judge Towne, Supporting lead

Boho Chick Productions

Kara Ford, Dir.

Billie and Wren

Meridith Bisby, Supporting lead

Director, Stephen Soria

Kill By Inches

Finicky Blonde, Co-Star

Cineblast Productions,

Diane Doniol Valcroze, Arthur

Flam, Dirs.


The Hoffman Session


The Manhattan Repertory Co.

The Diary of Anne Frank


The St. Barts Players

The Tutorials

Clarissa Fine-Fairweather

Atlantic Theater Co./Workshop


John Swain, Commercials, film Acting

Terry Schrieber, TS Studios

Patrick Tucker Workshops

The Shakespeare Project, Stefan Rudnicki

Bill Hickey, HB Studios


B.A. Herbert H. Lehman College,

City Univ. of N.Y., PASSWORD: stefanie Stefanie Vinopal

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Chin Length


Current U.S. Passport, Aerobics, Swimming - ability - general, Licensed Driver, Voiceover, Boston Accent, British - BBC English Accent, New York Accent, Southern Accent