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Models on the Move (NJ) (856) 667-1060

Talent Link of Virginia (VA) (804) 562-1878


I Dated a Psycho (S1, E4)

Soraida Hicks (Lead)

Lifetime Movie Network

America's Most Wanted - "Jose Perez" Segment

Mrs. Perez (Principal)


All My Children

Security Woman (Principal)


FBI Files "Robin the Hood"

Carlita Chubbuck (Lead)

Discovery Channel

Appartment Connection

Host (Principal)

Fox 45 Baltimore

Americas Most Identical Twins Test

Sara (Principal)

Discovery Channel


TV Boss - Stop the Hordes (Spanish)

Mom (Principal)


The Sanz School (Spanish)



Circuit City (National)

Wife (Principal)

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Business Owner (Principal)

Paradise Productions

Maryland Dental Center (Spanish)

Spokeswoman (Principal)


Baltimore Gas & Electric

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Blue Rock Productions

Conflicts Upon Request (Spanish & English)

Pamela/Spokeswoman (Principal)


The Mortgage Store (Spanish)

Angela/News Anchor (Principal)


Comcast Cable (Spanish)

Customer (Principal)

Renegade Productions, Inc.


The Engineer (short film)

Agent Martinez

Rocket Media Group

For One More Day

Gianna Tusicci-Benetto (Principal)

Lloyd Kramer/Oprah Winfrey


Medical Trainee (Principal)

Henry Bean/Rectifier Prod.

"Las Estaciones" Childrens Spanish Ed. (30min short)

Maria - Host/Narrator (Lead)

Whistlefritz, LLC

"Adentro y Afuera" Childrens Spanish Ed. (30min short)

Maria - Host (Lead)

Whistlefritz, LLC

"Vamos a Jugar" Childrens Spanish Ed. (30min short)

Maria - Host (Lead)

Whistlefritz, LLC

"Los Animales" Childrens Spanish Ed. (30min short)

Maria - Host (Lead)

Whistlefritz, LLC

The Confession (short film)

Spanish Woman - Sara (Lead)

Sohnia Van Der Puye


Baby Jogger Company

Product Demonstrator (Principal)

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National Defense Univ. Scenario Video

International Correspondent (Principal)


Defense Intelligence Analysis Center

Mrs. Davis (Principal)

DIA; Darren Guzzone

IRS Training Video "Balanced Measures"

Francis (Principal)

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TSA Training Video

Host & Narrator (Principal)

Mind & Media, Inc.

Border Patrol Trianing Video (Spanish)

Maria (Principal)

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Veterans Affairs “Performance Standards”

Terry (Principal)

Mike Bogasky Productions


Elena (Principal)

Commonwealth of VA

Together Rx Access

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Prince William County PSA (Spanish & English)

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American Red Cross First Aid Series (3 Spots)

Kelly, Firefighter, EMT (Principal)

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American Veal Assoc. Educational Video

Restaurant Patron Testimonial(Principal)

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Immigrant Training Video (Spanish)

Elena Lopez (Principal)

Social & Health Services, Ltd. (Spanish & French)

Employee (Principal)

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Alcohol Abuse PSA

Theresa Martinez (Principal)

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1st Fidelity Mortgage Commercial (Spanish)


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CEO Awards 2008


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Prince William Co. PSA (Spanish & English)

Narrator & Host

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Teen Talk Educational CD (Spanish)


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SEPTA Commuter Rail Radio Spot

Office Worker

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Flamenco Dancer

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T.Schreiber Studio

Vocal Production, British Accent

Page Clements (NYC)

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Scene Study (Weekly On-Going)

Terry Schreiber (NYC)

The Sam Christensen Process

"Defining Your Personal Brand"

Sam Christensen & Ken Cortland

Advanced Acting Workshop

On Camera Staging

Tom Logan, director (NYC)

On Camera Training

Teleprompter, Ear-Prompter & Narration

Brenna McDonough

Soap Opera Intensive

Scene Study

Bob Lambert,CD-All My Children

I have trained extensively as a professional Flamenco dancer for the last 15 years. I began studying Ballet at an early age and subsequently studied Flamenco and Classical Spanish dance in Spain as well as in the U.S. **Dance résumé and DVD demo reel upon request. My Official website: Also, for more pictures and resume go to and and and

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Long


Conversational French, Crew/Rowing, Dental assistant, E.M.T., Firefighter, FLUENT SPANISH, Horseback riding, Pro. Flamenco Dancer, Aerobics, Cycling, Equestrian - General, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Snow Skiing - General, Swimming - ability - general, Dance Ballet, Dancer, Ear Prompter, Guitar, Licensed Driver, Teleprompter, Voiceover, British - BBC English Accent, Southern Accent, Spanish Accent, Fluent Spanish