Age: 18

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Floyd's Barbershop(2007)

Billy-Lead Actor

Director: Jeff Holman

Killer Weed(award winning)(2007)

Lance-featured actor

Director: Gabe Evans

Waiting Rooms-2008


Pantheon Productions

Mia's Father-(now Secret of Arrow Lake)


Producer:Bonnie Orr

Dir. Brad Keller;Ranch Studios

Love Bug -2009(award winning)

Turtle Thompson(lead role)

Kat Candler

The Ashley Project (2010)


Director: Scott Colquit

Hula (2010)

Boy on the bicycle

Director:Vicky Boone

Recess (2010)


Brad Montesi

Escape (2011)

principle co-lead

Director: Sonia Melendez

Untitled (2011)

Young Jason

Dir.:John Merriman & K. Lindo

Turning Points (film series 2011)


Moontower VFX

Pictures of Superheroes(2012)


Director: DonSwaynos

Cinema Six( 2012)

featured 'kid customer'

Direct:Cole Selix & Mark Potts

Conspiracy High(2012)

Trevor- co-lead

Dir: Lee Bacak

Prize (2012)


Dir: Amanda Yam

Book of Joe (2012)


Dir. Samantha Lopez

Slash (2012)


Dir: Clay Liford

SFX (2012)


Dir: J. Merriman & K. Lindo


My Generation (2010)


ABC Network

Connell Chevrolet (Killeen)


Denise Hodgson, Producer

Bill White Gubernatorial Campaign

Rick Perry

Director:Javiar Bonafont

University of TX -Athletics


Arts& Labor for UT

PSA for Texas Education Agency


AMS Pictures

Pick With Austin (ongoing spokesperson)


PWA (Texas non-profit charity)

Anti-Bullying PSA


MediaAwareness Project, Inc.

Music Video

He's Coming Back

Playground Kid

JB'Tower' Martin, Artist

Make A Change

Featured Child

Georgia Napolitano, Artist

Just to See Her Smile

Alien Guard

Mother Falcon, Artist


Georgetown Palace Theater

Character Development, Scene Study, Body

Diane Pinschew, Instructor

Language, Stage Movement

Liberty Hill Theater Arts

Period Styles/Voice

Shelly Brewer, Instructor

Kids Acting Studio

Stage and Screen

Dede Clark, Instructor

Theater Arts Camp

Presentation Techniques

Tamara Jolain

Acting for Television and Screen (2007-2011)

Kids Acting Studio

Intermediate Audition Techniques

Dede Clark

JB Entertainment

Beginning Acting

Johnson Cooley, Instructor

Character Development I & II, Commercial

Justin Brown, Instructor

Hideout Theater

Training, Improv Techniques, Audition

Jessica Arjet,Asaf Ronen

" " "

techniques for Film, TV and Stage

" " "

JB Model & Talent

Cold Reads, Acting for Film,TV and Stage

David Cox, Instructor

Child Improv I

Tamara Jolain, Tutor

Texas Actor & Modeling Academy

Child Improv II, Audition Techniques

Allison Burick, Instructor

" " " "

for Commercials and Modeling

" " " "

Advanced Improvisation

Tamara Jolain,Tutor

Runway Techniques

Ashley Francis/ElleLaMont

Advanced Cold Read Basics

Allison Burick

Intermediate Commercial Auditions

David Cox, Instructor

Sitcom/Soap Opera Auditions

Justin Brown

Brock/Allen Casting

Advanced Audition Styles/Techniques

Sally Allen

Brock/Allen Casting

Script-based Improv

Toni Cobb

Workshops (2009-2011)

Auditions and the Camera

Anne Mulhall, CSA

LDI Casting

On Camera Techniques

Paul Weber, CSA

MGM Studios-Worldwide

Cold Reading Techniques

Craig Lechner, CSA

Impossible Castings, NY

Camera Readiness/Be Yourself

Susan Lunetta, CEO

EXXCEL Models & Talent, NY

Audition Tips and Camera Style

Barbara Brinkley

Barbara Brinkley Casting, TX

Advanced Performance Skills

Paul Weber, CSA

MGM Studios-Worldwide

Soap Opera Workshop-Advanced

Bob Larson, CSA

ABC Network

Acting & Role Interpretation

Ricki Maslar, CSA

Los Angeles

Masters acting class(by invitation)

Ricki Maslar, CSA

Los Angeles

Prep for Pilot Season

Ricki Maslar, CSA

Los Angeles


IMTA- July 2007

3rd Place-Sit Com, 4th Place Soap Opera

Honorable Mention: Theatrical Headshot

Commercial Print, Ready for my Close-up,

TV Real People, Toys R Us Commercial,

Monologue and Child Male Actor

of the Year

Killer Weed (lead role) 2008

Best Movie Award

B-Fest Festival, Syracuse NY

Best Picture & Grand Prize Award

Texas Travesty Film Festival

Love Bug-lead role-2009

Texas Filmmakers Showcase selection


Voted Audience Favorite

Austin Film Festival-2009

Michael Moore Film Festival-20

Jacksonville FF-2010

Little Ripper FFest.-Australia

Special recognition/Selection

Texas Filmmakers Showcase-2010

Tribeca Kids Festival-NY-2010

Fearless Film Festival-FW-2010

Grand Prize Winner

Flatland Fim Festival-2009

Seguin Film Festival-2009

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 153 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Short


Bicycle, Boy Scout, Can Cry on Demand, computer skills, contacts/glasses, Excellent memorization, Haganah Student, Honor Student, In-Line Skates, One heck of a nice kid, Pokemon Expert, Razor Scooter, re-directs very well, Trained in sword fight, Wii/Xbox, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Canoeing, Cycling, Fishing, Golf, Ice Skating, Jet Skier, Jump Rope, Martial Arts, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Skateboard - street, Snorkeling, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - freestyle, Tennis, Track & Field, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Yoga, Brass Instruments, Improvisation, Modeling, Voiceover