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Mark Neville (Lead)

Incisive Pictures/Indie

German Angst ("Make a Wish")

Jacek Falecki (Lead)

Michal Kosakowski/Kosakowski

For We Are Many ("The Damned Statue")

Alan (Lead)

Hex Media/Indie

Sudden Reality

Josh (Lead)

Incisive Pictures/Indie

The Inflicted

David O'Hara (Lead)

Incisive Pictures/Indie

Chasing Skirts

Ricky/Delmer (Lead)

Incisive Pictures/Indie

Nothing Left

Michael Staves (Lead)

Incisive Pictures/Indie

As Worlds Collide

Xander Krok (Supporting)

Andrew MacKenzie/1066 Pictures

Ciaran the Demon Hunter

Jason (Supporting)

Andrew MacKenzie/1066 Pictures

Stok Stalk Stock

Georgie Porgie (Supporting)

B. Haymer-Coleman/Taco Prod.


Robert Durst: An ID Murder Mystery - Ep. 1

Robert Durst (Guest Star)

Bryan Gildner/ID

Murder Made Me Famous - Episode 2.5

Wojciech Frykowski (Guest Star)

Brad Osborne/ReelzChannel

Unusual Suspects - Episode 8.2

Daniel's Cousin (Co-star)

W.D. Hogan/ID

Unusual Suspects - Episode 8.5

Detective (Co-star)

W.D. Hogan/ID

Supreme Justice with Judge Karen

Roman Carr (Guest Star)

Byron Allen/Entertainment Std.

West Memphis Three: An ID Murder Mystery

Val Price (Co-star)

Lauren Przybyszewski/ID

Mysteries of the Outdoors - Episode 1.3

Male Hiker (Co-star)

Eric Blouin/Travel Channel


Robert Katz (Co-star)

Brad Osborne/Biography Channel

The Core - Episode 1.6

Heretic Horror Actor (Co-star)

Bridger Nielson/Shudder

Pantera - "Piss" Music Video

Pantera Fan (Co-star)

Zach Merck/Warner Music Group

The McVeigh Tapes: Confessions of an...

High School Bully (Co-star)

Toby Oppenheimer/MSNBC Films


Attack on Titan - Ep. 51


Mike McFarland/FUNimation

Tokyo Ghoul:re - Ep. 4

Big Madam's Aide/Investigator

Mike McFarland/FUNimation

Black Clover - Episode 2.22

Magic Knight

Cris George/FUNimation

DARLING in the FRANXX - Season 1

Soldier/Lab Man

Clifford Chapin/FUNimation

Boogiepop and Others - Ep. 14

Moon Temple Security/Male Citizen

Mike McFarland/FUNimation

A Certain Magical Index III - Ep. 18

Tower Controller

Jerry Jewell/Universal

AFTERLOST: Where I End and You Begin - Ep. 5


Mike McFarland/FUNimation

Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202

Radar Op./Air Traffic Controller/Crewman

Jerry Jewell/FUNimation

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

Patrol Craft Commander/Officer

Clifford Chapin/FUNimation

The Silver Guardian - Episode 2.4

Impaled Player/Male Player

Clifford Chapin/FUNimation

Hinomaru Sumo - Episode 1.20

Male Sumo Fan

Cris George/FUNimation

The Blaine Fowler Morning Show

"Deal Breakers" Callers

Blaine Fowler/96.3 WDVD

German Angst - Official Trailer


Jörg Buttgereit/Kosakowski

German Angst - "Alraune" Teaser


Andreas Marschall/Kosakowski


Halloween Horror Nights

"The Walking Dead" Walker

Universal Studios Hollywood

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Billy Lilly/Ted E. Behr

Keith & Margo/Los Angeles

The Bunker Experience


Charlotte Bjornbak/Pasadena

Heretic Horror House: The Cabin


Adrian Marcato/Pasadena

Two Ways To Die: Heretic (ScareLA)

Snuff Film Killer

Adrian Marcato/Los Angeles


Ribbon Monster

Lawrence T. Lewis/Los Angeles

Das Gericht

The Inspector

Nicholas Sherwin Jr./LA

The Rope (ScareLA & Full Version)


Nicholas Sherwin Jr./LA

Bardo Thodol (Midsummer Scream)

Grave Warden

Nick Sherwin Jr./Long Beach


Zen Guide

Nicholas Sherwin Jr./La Mirada

50 Hour Drive-By Theatre Festival

The Salesman

Zombie Joe/Los Angeles

Live Thru This: Kurt Cobain Haunted Heck

Methy Bully

William Kaminski/Los Angeles


List Available Upon Request


Sanford Meisner Center: Year 1 Graduate

Ranjiv Perera & Martin Barter

Burbank, CA

Sanford Meisner Center: Year 2 Graduate

Ranjiv Perera & Martin Barter

Burbank, CA


The Groundlings

Los Angeles, CA

Scene Study, Auditions

Joseph Pearlman

Los Angeles, CA

Commercials: On-Camera & Voice

Terry Berland

Los Angeles, CA

Auditions, Cold Reading

David Gray

Los Angeles, CA

Video Game Voiceovers

Dave Fennoy/Keith & Valerie Arem

Los Angeles, CA

Animation Voiceovers

Catherine Cavadini & Nick Omana

Los Angeles, CA

Anime Voiceovers

Crispin Freeman/Tony Oliver

Los Angeles, CA


Sudden Reality

Winner, Best Actor

Scares That Care Weekend

Sudden Reality

Nominee, Best Actor

Macabre Faire Film Festival


Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'

Weight: 190 lbs

Eyes: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


ADR/Looping, Bicycling, Cage Diving w/ Sharks, Can Play a Deaf-Mute, Directing/Producing, Extreme Metal Vocals, Hard Rock Singing, Hiking, Indoor Rock Climbing, Moshing/Headbanging, Portraying Blindness, Scare/Haunt Acting, Screenwriting, Stand Up Paddle Board, Video/Audio Editing, Body Building, Canoeing, Combat - Stage, Cycling, Frisbee, Jet Skier, Jump Rope, Kayaker, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Running - General, Running - Sprint, Scuba Diving, Shooting - Rifle, Sky Diving, Snorkeling, Snow Skiing - General, Swimming - ability - general, Trampoline, Weight Lifting, Firearms, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Teleprompter, Voiceover, Southern Accent, Texan Accent