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  • Sweeney Todd - Epiphany (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Matty Oaks as SWEENEY in SWEENEY TODD, Directed by Adam Barruch of Anatomiae Occultii, in a workshop of Sweeney that is a unique blend of Live Vocals and Modern Dance in the Vein of Pina Bausch.

  • Sweeney Todd - My Friends (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Matty Oaks as SWEENEY in SWEENEY TODD, Directed by Adam Barruch of Anatomiae Occultii, in a workshop of Sweeney that is a unique blend of Live Vocals and Modern Dance in the Vein of Pina Bausch.

  • Eynaud (Lead) in Seek Another Land (Dramatic Short) (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    Seek Another Land follows Eynaud (Matty Oaks), a struggling young shoemaker living in a rustic country village; he has to stand up against conformity after his sick wife is put through an extreme ordeal by his in-laws because of their devout religious beliefs.

  • Connected (Procedural) - Harvey (Supporting) (Performance Video)  Quicktime

    A regressive police officer finds himself behaving out of line after a call for domestic disturbance gets him in the same room with Harvey (Matty Oaks) the victim of abuse in a gay marriage, only to soon realize that there is something deeper connecting them.

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Represented by:

Bloc NYC, Inc. (NY) 212-924-6200

Off Broadway

Angel Reapers - The Signature Theatre

Jabez Stone

Dir. Martha Clarke

The Tempest- The Public / Shakespeare in the Park

Master/Ensemble/Dance Capt.

Dir. Michael Greif

Sleep No More (OOBC) * **

Macduff, Porter, Malcolm, Swing(7 Roles)

Dir. Felix Barrett

* 2011 Drama League Nomination

Distinguished Performance Award

Sleep No More Ensemble

** 2011 Drama Desk Winner

Unique Theatrical Experience

Sleep No More

NY Theatre/Workshop/Touring

Changers - Opening Ceremony

The Writer

Dir. Spike Jonze

God's Fool - NY Workshop/ The Signature/SpringLake

The Devil/Brother Eli

Dir. Martha Clarke

Sweeney Todd - NY Workshop

Sweeney Todd

Dir. Adam Barruch


Narrator, Master Gardener/Beekeeper US

Dir. William Baker


Cats - Flat Rock Playhouse


Chor. Jennifer Jancuska

The Wild Party (Lippa) - The Gallery Players


Dir. Neal Freeman

Barenaked Lads

Featured Dancer/Singer

Dir. David Zak

West Side Story


Allegheny Highlands Regional

Crazy For You


Univ. of the Arts, Phila.

Mystery of Edwin Drood

Neville Landless

Dickinson College

Sondheim Revue

Lead Male Singer

Dickinson College


Gone, Season 1 Ep. 7, NBC universal

Roy O'Grady/ Kidnapper (Guest Star)

Dir. Jan Eliasberg

Girls, Season 6, Ep. 7, HBO

Auditionee/Basketball Dancer

Dir. Richard Shepard

Gossip Girl, Season 5, Ep. 7, CW

Front Desk Clerk/Porter (Co-Star)

Dir. Andy Wolk

Vh1 You Oughta Know Live Concert

Elle King, Ex's and Oh's, Dancer

Chor. Brooke Wendle

Untitled Mia Michaels Project (Pitch)


Chor. Mia Michaels

Let's Make a Deal, Ep. 202

Contestant/Car Winner

FreeMantle Media


Changers (upcoming) - Opening Ceremony

The Writer

Dir. Spike Jonze

Seek Another Land

Eynaud (Lead)

Dir. Phillip Leteka


Harvey (co-star)

Dir. Konstantinos Mousoulis

Beyond Kepler

Matthew Rhodes (Supporting)

Dir. Michael Maugeri

Left With a Bitter Taste in the Mouth

Leo (Supporting)

Dir. A. James Marcolin

The Shining Girls: Book Trailer

Harper (Lead)

Dir. Hugo Perez


Rob (Lead)

Matias Maumus NYU Graduate

Der Traschenmause

Mattimeo and Der Traschenmause

Dir. Geoff Bailey

Love You, Miss You, Goodnight

Nicholas (Supporting)

NYU-Dir. Daniel Buono


Changers -Opening Ceremony

The Writer

Chor. Ryan Heffington

BC Beat Broadway Connection


Chor. Jennifer Jancuska

Demi Lovato- Pride

Vladimir Putin/Dancer

Chor. Gil Duldulao

Trisha Brown Dance Co.

Pers. Assistant to Artistic Dir.

Chor. Trisha Brown

Stefanie Nelson Dance Group


Chor. Stefanie Nelson

Patricia Noworol Dance


Chor. Patricia Noworol



Chor. Irina Constatine Poulos

Kevin Wynn Collection


Chor. Kevin Wynn



Brandermill Woods

Charter Triple Play

Pharmacy Times

Altos Tequila


Hixsept Clothing

Spike TV

Voice Over


Justify My Love/Revelations 13

Steve Anderson/Terry Ronald

Der Traschenmouse

Mattimeo (Hero), Der Traschenmouse

Dir. Geoff Bailey

The Shining Girls: Book Trailer

Voice of Harper (Lead)

Dir. Hugo Perez


NYU Tisch School of the Arts

MFA Dance

Full Scholarship/Grad Assist.

University of the Arts

Cert. Dance

Scholarship Student

Martha Graham School

Graham Technique (2006-2007)

Scholarship Student

Dickinson College

B.S. Biology & Psychology


Lee Brock - Monologue

The Barrow Group



One on One Studios


Chris Frisco

Special Skills: Cry on Cue, Dancing meets Parkour /Dancing Up Walls and Obscure Places, Piano, Clarinet, Drum Major, Craft-Cocktails/Bartender, Podcast Afficianado

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'

Weight: 160 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Hair Length: Short


Dancing meets Parkour, Dancing on Walls, Aerobics, Baseball, Basketball, Fishing, Frisbee, Jump Rope, Running - General, Softball, Volleyball, Yoga, Clarinet, Dance Ballet, Dance Ballroom, Dance Jazz, Dance Modern, Dance Swing, Dance Tap, Dancer, Piano, Teleprompter, Vocal Range: Bari-Tenor, British - BBC English Accent, German Accent, New York Accent, Russian Accent, Southern Accent