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Represented by:

ACTIVITY - Commercial Div. (CA) (818) 308-6420


Pee-Wee's Big Holiday

Action Actor

Apatow Prod/Dir. John Lee

Liberty Barrett


Feature trailer/Dir. D. Nelson

The Audition: A Short Dramedy


Short/Dir. Mark Kirkland

Bad Mother Trucker

Action Actor

Short/Dir. Clyde Bessey

The Battle Within


Short/Dir. Lanessa Garlinski



Short/Dir. Philip Joncas

One in Nine


Dir. Michael Stromenger


Sam and Cat


Dir. Steve Hoefer

Sam and Cat

Action Actor

Dir. Adam Weissman

THEATER (Representative List)

Haze of Our Lives

Sketch Ensemble Memeber

Second City Hollywood Studio

Terminator 2:3D

Sarah Connor

Universal Studios Hollywood

The Great Diamond Heist

Fire Thief, Raven, Kadow, Rothchild

Mirage Entertainment, China


Sketch Ensemble Member

Second City Hollywood Training

Romeo & Juliet

Fight Captain, Sword Fighter

Minnesota Opera

Comedy Sportz Minnesota

Improv Ensemble

Limelight Theatre

STUNTS (Representative List)

Another Period

Stunt Double

Stunt Coord. Greg Fitzpatrick


Stunt Double

Stunt Coord. Matt Taylor



Stunt Coord. Shauna Duggins

Angie Tribeca


Stunt Coord. Erik Solky


Stunt Double

Stunt Coord. Justin Riemer

Mr. Invincible

Stunt Double

Stunt Coord. Rocky Capella



Stunt Coord. Rocky Capella



Stunt Coord. Dennis Madalone



Stunt Coord. Rocky Capella

Private Practice


Stunt Coord. Merritt Yohnka



Stunt Coord.Vince Deadrick, Jr

Desperate Housewives

Stunt Double

Stunt Coord. Wally Crowder

Industrials and Commercials available upon request.


Conservatory Program Graduate

Second City Hollywood

Hollywood, CA

SAG-AFTRA Foundation

Los Angeles, CA

SAG-AFTRA Conservatory

Hollywood, CA

Acting on Action Scene Study

Gregory Lee Kenyon

Hollywood, CA

Grappling/Jiu Jitsu

Gene LeBell and Gokor Chivichyan

Los Angeles, CA

Kung fu

David Morizot

Los Angeles, CA

Acting for the Camera and Microphone

Guthrie Theater

Minneapolis, MN

Introduction to Voice and Speech

Guthrie Theater

Minneapolis, MN

Summer Theater Intensive

Guthrie Theater

Minneapolis, MN

Paddy Crean International Art of the Sword Workshop

International Order of the Sword & Pen

Banff, Canada

Rapier and Dagger

Sydney Stage Combat

Sydney, Australia

Empire Stage Combat Workshop

British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat

London, England

Aerial Circus: Spanish Web, Static Trap, Tissu

Xelias Circus Arts School

Minneapolis, MN

Stage Combat Teaching Staff

They Fight Stage Combat School

Saint Paul, MN

BS Business

University of MN Carlson School of Mgmt

Minneapolis, MN

Mary Karcz has been lit on fire around 150 times and rappelled face-first down the side of a hundred foot tall building… but when she's not tackling someone 100 pounds heavier than herself, you'll probably find her knitting a lace shawl for a close friend. Nicknamed “Queen Mary” by martial arts legend “Judo” Gene LeBell, she is a quick-witted, adventure-seeking thespian and athlete.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Aerial: Spanish Web, Aerial: Static Trap, Aerial: Tissu, Basic Knot Tying, Can Burp on Command, Fire Burns (150+), Grappling, Ground Pounding, Knitting, Realistic Cat Noises, Sewing, Sword Work, Western, Unarmed Film Fighting, Wire Work, Boxing, Combat - Stage, Martial Arts, Rappelling, Roller Skating, Scuba Diver, Shooting - Rifle, Swimming - ability - general, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Yoga, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Stunts, Voiceover, Whistler, Minnesota Accent, Russian Accent