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Chemical 13

Kang's Mom

TOP TEN ShortHD 2015

Just Us Guys (Never got footage)

Ms O'Neil

TV Series 1 episode 2014

It Casting: Apples (one episode)

Cheryl (Guest Spot)

It's Supernatural: Bruce VanNatta

Shannon (EMT Nurse)

Wes Llewellyn

"Woman Dreaming"

Wild West Tech "Unexplained"

History Channel


A.B.S. (webisode)

Beatrice Bloodworth

Phish Productions- SAG 2011

The Monster


SU2C Documentary

Five Minutes of Fame:Dating

Poet- Myself (I've done better- like th


Chemical 13


Emmanuel Alvarado- SAG 2011

Beauty (Short)


Quoc Pham

L.A Traffic (Never GOT Footage)

Acting Student/ Waitress

Donald Sanchez

Sex Lies & Video Tape


J Michael Moncrief/USC Project

Thelma & Louis


Marvin Lewis/The Art Institute

Dog Logic


Brooks Institute

A.Wake (Short)

Mary Smith

Brent Rumble

Stand Up to Cancer- PSA Internet/TV/Movie Theaters

Movie Goer


Hearts of Darkness (Never got footage)

Janet Greene

Danny Damah

Helena (Co-star)

"Skyla, PM" (on Youtube)

Dodge College/Chapman(2008)

Film Festivals

A.B.S (webisode)

Decmeber 2012

Santa Fe Film Festival

Chemical 13

September 2012


A.B.S (webisode)


Movie Media Student FF

A.B.S (webisode)


Film Festival of Colorado

A.B.S (webisode)

August 2012

Tampa Bay's Independent FF

A.B.S (webisode)

August 2012

Maverick Movie

A.B.S (webisode)

August 2012

Ruby Mountain Film Fest.

A.B.S (webisode)

August 2012

Goldendoor International FF

A.B.S (webisode)

August 2012

Lighthouse International Film

Chemical 13 (short)

May 2012

New Port Beach Film Fest.

A.B.S (webisode)

June 2012

Lighthouse International Film

A.B.S (webisode)

April 2012 award winner

A.B.S (webisode)

April 2012

Women's Independent Film Fest

A.B.S (webisode)

March 2012

Cal. International Shorts Fest

A.B.S (webisode)

March 2012

Albany Film Festival

Beauty (Short)

July 19, 2011 6-8 PM

Ventura Film Festival



Amara (Chorus)

Long Beach Shakespeare Company

"Sex Relationships and Sometimes Love"

"I can't get no" (5 Shows July/August)

Joelle Arqueros/ Johnny

Actor's Showcase (March 2009- 5 shows)


The Berubian Theatre/ Next Sta

Verbally Loud

Spoken Word Poet

TAB Entertainment Productions

Whizo (Supporting)

"Adventures of Holly and Snowflake"

Dancing Squirrel, Los Angeles

Samantha (Lead)

"The Game"

American University

Mrs Prism

The Importance of Being Earnest

McDaniel College



McDaniel College


Hedda Gabler

McDaniel College



McDaniel College


Skin of Our Teeth

McDaniel College


E-Health Network

Sick Wife

Banner Caswell Productions


Tag Studios 2016/17



LA Acting Studios 2016/17

scene and cold reading work

David Rountree, Director Actor

Actors in Action 2015

Cold reading and scene work

Lane Townsend

Improv 2014

Clown Jam

Attended a few group sessions

LA Reels 2014

Hollywood, 6 months

Cold Readings


Comedy, 2014

Terrin Adair-Lynch


Acting / Stanislavski, 2013

David Nathan Schwartz

SAG Foundation CAP


Casting workshops

GOGO Casting


Casting workshop

AIA Member

Burbank 2012-2014

Many workshops

AFI SAG Conservatory

Los Feliz, 2011-2012

Various workshops

The Network Studio

Studio City, 2010-2012

Casting Workshops & events

JB Casting workshops

Burbank, Culver City, 2008-2014

VIP Member (until Disney stopp

Actors Collaborative


Improv, Scenes, Monologues

Lessac Training-Kathleen Dunn

SMC, 2009

Advanced Voice

Standard & Dialects- Kathleen Dunn

SMC, 2009

Southern, New York, Brittish

Lessac Training-Crystal Robbins

SMC, 2009

Beginner Voice

David Melville, ISC


Shakespeare Study

American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Los Angeles, 2006

Summer Certificate Program

Cyb Barnstable

Los Angeles, 2005/2007

Advanced Class/Commercials

Ted Brunetti

Los Angeles, 2003

Private Scene Study

TVI Actors Studio

Los Angeles, 2003

On-Camera Workshop/ Cold Readi


Digital Media

Studying Editing, Photoshop &

Santa Monica College

Motion Graphics & Film making

I have a GPA of 3.7

Also took acting classes to maintain


MY GOAL is to do this while I also

build an acting career!

Story Analysis and Script Dev

LeeAn Lowe, Instructor

UCLA Extension- grade A-

(Training in Coverage & being a reader)

M.A. Arts Management

Performing Arts Department

American Univeristy

Took a class at American

in TV & Film Acting

Also studied Audition Techniques

Juris Doctorate, Licensed 2000

Resigned from the California Bar

Catholic University

B.A. Theater (Honors)(Phi Beta Kappa)

Alpha Psi Omega Member

McDaniel College

Focus Stanislavski, Classics

Modern American Drama


Acting Space

Blog about ART Giving back

Registered business NAME

Production website for film & editing wo

Registered business NAME

I am dedicated to being a professional actor. It is my love of the craft that drives me. I am training to be an editor and also set photographer & digital art to fight for a career as an actor & support myself & pay my bills, but not to give up ACTING. I am a feminist and a cancer advocate and a VEGAN. I also have Hashimoto's disease so I am GLUTEN FREE. I have had it since 2008 & my Doctors did not tell me. I am also allergic to LATEX, PORK & YEAST. I don't want a career if I can't fight to be an ACTOR.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 108 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Auburn

Hair Length: Short


Balance basket on head, Basic Ballet, basic sign language, Breast Cancer Survivor, Card Games- Poker, Character Voices, Crochet, Double jointed, Photographer, Photoshop/Web, Poet, Scooter-not motorcycle, Shakespearean Trained, Video Editor, Writer, Archery, Basketball, Billiards/Pool Player, Equestrian - General, Equestrian - Western, Frisbee, Hula Hoop, Motorcycle Riding - General, Yoga, Bongos, Flute, Harmonica, Impressionist, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Piano, Singer, Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano, Voiceover, Whistler, Wind Instrument, British - BBC English Accent, Irish Accent, New England Accent, New York Accent, Scottish Accent, Southern Accent