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The Patron (Pilot)

Series Regular

Michael R. Steinbeck

Chicago Fire (Ep 611)


Reza Tabrizi

Chicago PD (Ep 313)


Rohn Schmidt - Wolf Films

Crisis (Ep 106)


Nick Gomez -20th Century Fox

Crisis (Ep 105)


Christine Moore - " "

Crisis (Ep 104)


Fred Keller - " "

Chicago Fire (Ep 103)


Joe Chapelle - Wolf Films


The Replacement

Alpha Punk (Supporting)

Sean Miller


Doug (Principal)

Bill Redding


Goon 1 (Principal)

B Roll Prdns, LLC /Travis Long

Life and Death of an Unhappily Married Man

Jake (Supporting)

Olive Entertainment /Josh Hope


Tim (Supporting)

D Midell - Play On Productions

RoundAbout American

US Immigrations Officer (Principal)

Boris Wexler - Escape Films


Officer Evanofski (Principal)

Nicholas P. Richards - Rule 42


Jonathan (Supporting)

B Sebastian-Intentional Films

Spirit Lake

Dan Spencer (Principal)

Joe Shakula -Omanaman Prds.

Happily After

Matt (Lead)

John Klein - Glass City Films

Welcome to Gentle Waters

Corey (Lead)

J Hardy/ B Kado -Flowfeel Prod

The Muse

Hank (Supporting)

Rachael Field - Northwestern U

Fluffenhaus: The Comeback of a Pop Culture Icon

Harris (Supporting)

Jeremy Kruse - Go4it! Prodns.

Freedom of Choice

Garret (Lead)

Anthony Williams

Back By Midnight

"hungjock" (Supporting)

Alex Hugh Brown- NU Studio 22


Apologetic Man (Supporting)

A Diab-An Acestroke Production

Irregular Fruit

Bill Doppler (Supporting)

Nathan Adloff

Miss Ohio

Paul Daly (Supporting)

G. Fitzsimmons -Contempt Pics.

All We Had

Johnny (Supporting)

Logan Futej - Be A Productions

Together in Spades

John (Lead)

Brian Lannin - DePaul U.

The Happy Man's Pants

Prost the Farmer (Supporting)

Kunal Savkur- NU Studio 22

Peer Pressure

Coach M (Supporting)

Eric Stolze-Columbia Practicum


Eddie Lawrence (Lead)

C. Liliedahl-Siege Engine Prod


Jeff (Supporting)

Adam Tanguay - NU Studio 22

To Jamestown

John Sanders (Starring)

Paul Kruse - Northwestern U.

Off The Cuff

Lee "Shim" Beau (Supporting)

J Hardy/ B Kado -Flowfeel Prod

I Know What You Did Last Night

Man In Black (Supporting)

Mark McLain (On The Lot)


John Ellison (Supporting)

Drop Shadow Productions


*Best Supporting Actor

NightLights (Tim)

Blue Whiskey Ind. Film Fest


"This Is Why"

Ad Council

SchaferCondonCarter/ A Becker


BBDO Atlanta

Believe Media/ Bruce Dowad


McKinney & Silver, LLC

Smuggler/ Jon Watts

"How Come"


Story/ John Komnenich

"Millionaire" / "Brass Ring"

Hoffman York

CrossRoads Films/ Sam Crawford

"Father/ Son"

Zimmerman Advertising

Twist / Matt Pittroff


ESW Partners

Twitch Films, Inc

"Most Locations"

Phoenix Creative

The Arbor Group

"Found Money"

Karlin Pimsler

Dempsey Film Group


The Integer Group

Screenscape Studios

Voice Over

"50% M Demo


Energy BBDO

Integrated Global Structuring

Online Tutorial (German Accent)



Other People's Children

Mr. Johnson (Guest Star)

Anna Hozian, Brad Riddell

The Comeback of Buck Rydell: MMA Legend

Jody Black (Series Regular)

Jack C. Newell

Mags n Mel

Officer George (Guest Star)

Marmela Productions/ Stein

The Stick-Up Kid (Promo Series)


Lucky Penny Pictures/ Flynn

"Brother-Sister Fight"


NSTV/ Pat Bishop

"Steak Flakes"

Manly Man

NSTV/ D Siegel & P Bishop

Pillow Talks - Episode: "Release", "Kabbalah", & "Husbands"

Richard (Recurring)

Escape Films, LLC/Boris Wexler

Lady Ghostbusters

Jeff (Recurring)

Bull Moose Films/ TR Wilkinson

Baron Von Awesome

Co-Founder/ Cast/ Writer

Sketch Comedy & Video

Jenny's Blog

Michael Whitler-Hill (Lead)

Bruce Heppner-Elgin


Commercial & Film Audition Workshop

Acting Studio Chicago

Matt Miller, PR Casting

On Camera: Isolation, Styles, Switches, Personality, Film/TV

The Green Room

David Murphy & Sean Bradley

Piven Technique for the Actor

The Piven Theatre Workshop

Mikalina & Joanne

Conservatory Program-Levels 1-5

The Second City

Libera, Gellman, O'Malley,eta

Introduction to the 12 Guideposts

Acting Studio Chicago

Kurt Naebig

Acting for Film, TV, and Theater

TVI Actors Studio

Matt Gunnels

Scenic Improvisation AP1-AP5

The Annoyance

JW, R/R Sohn, Sutton, Napier

Workout With the Pros - Advanced VO

Acting Studio Chicago

Deb Doetzer

Intermediate Voice Over

Acting Studio Chicago

Jeff Lupetin

Beginning Voice Over

Acting Studio Chicago

Dave Leffel

Sitcom Technique

TVI Actors Studio

Matt Kane, C.S.A.

Monologues & Aud./ Scene Study/ Fundamentals of Acting

Metropolis School of Performing Arts

Dan Scott, Robin Hughes

Monologues & Aud./ Scene Study/ Fundamentals of Acting

Metropolis School of Performing Arts

Dan Scott, Robin Hughes

Hometown: Streator, IL More info and film samples at:

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'

Weight: 215 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Short


*Conversational German, Alternate Pec Flexing, Belch on Command, Ear Wiggling, Football, Green Screen, Pack a tin, Roll my belly, Roll my tongue, Speak Squirrel, Whistle, Bowling, Fishing, Football, Golf, Jump Rope, Running - General, Swimming - ability - general, Water Skiing, Wrestling, Dance Line/Country, Dance Swing, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Stunts, Voiceover, Whistler, German Accent, Fluent German