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Represented by:

Barry Katz Entertainment (CA) (424) 238-2300

Littman Talent Group (CA) (818) 213-2288 / (818) 963-2299


NCIS Ep. 16.1

Large Co-star

D-Tony Wharmby/CBS

American Housewife. Ep 2.5,12


Helen Hunt, Melissa Kosar/ ABC

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Recurring Sketch Player

Will Burke, Jon Kimmel-Dir/ABC

Six Degrees Of Everything

Recurring Sketch Player

Fine Bros- Producers/TruTV

Famous In Love - Pilot


Miguel Arteta-Dir./ABCFreeform

The Grinder Ep. 1.19


Jay Chandrasekhar-Dir./FOX

Telenovela Ep.1.9


Dylan Massin- Director/NBC

Mom Ep. 2.14


Ted Wass- Director/CBS

Raising Hope Ep. 4.16


Rebecca Asher-Director/FOX


Little William (short)


Peter DeReimer- Director

The Man Who Saw Too Little (short)


Daniel Levi-Director

My Pure Joy


James Cullen Bressack-Director



Joshua Crone- Director

You, Me, and Her ( AFI scholarship short)


Sarah Doyle- Director

Excess Baggage


Brad Hills- Director



Troy Murray- Director



Asylum Productions

Love Hurts (short)

Lead (Best Actor Runner-up)

52films52weeks-Production Co.

The Poker Game (short)


Andie Botrell-Director

Viral Videos / Internets

VALLEY JUNK TV (Sketch series)

Head Writer, Producer, Cast

Whats Its Like To Be Out of Shape...

6.4 mil view

Chris Reinacher-Dir./Buzzfeed

Balding Men Try Spray-on Hair

5.7 mil

Chloe Zak- Dir./ Buzzfeed

Things You Think You Can Get Away With

3 mil

Nathan Bloch-Dir./Buzzfeed

Things Every Man Should Know

2.5 mil


Ways To Entertain Yourself In Boring Meetings

1.3 mil


Fully Formed Adults- Black Shabbat


Scott Bauxenbaum- Writer/Direc

My Roommate The Conspiracy Theorist

Guest Star as Andy Kaufman

Bryne Owens-Director

Sketch Comedy Character Reel

Cory Jacob- Writer

Commercial- Conflicts upon request (over 25 spots)

Improv/Sketch- Performance, Training

Improv (current)


Kimberly Condict

"What A Character!?!" Team

Founder,Producer, Cast-PACK Theater

Jeff Sloniker- Director

"Turncoat"- Sketch Comedy Group

Cast/Writer- PACK Theater House Team

Curtis Rainsbarry- Director

The Midnight Show w/Eric Jennifer

Cast- Upright Citizens Brigade

Hal Rudnick- Director

Slapstick Comedy

Second City

Dean Evans

Tournament of Nerds

Guest Cast- Upright Citizens Brigade

Hal Rudnick Justin Donaldson


Mult. Appearances- Upright Citizens Brig

Natalie Palamides-Showrunner

Haunted Hell Hole Halloween Show

Cast- Upright Citizens Brigade

Kirby Howell Baptiste-Director

"Horace"- Sketch Comedy Group

Cast/Writer-PACK Theatre House Team

Eric Moneypenny- Director

Bromuda Triangle Improv Team Est.Oct '11

UCB Indie

Josh Covitt- Coach

2012-16 IO West La Improv Fest

Bromuda Triangle Improv


2013-16 LA Indie Improv Fest

Performer- multiple teams

UCB Indie

2013 Middle Theatre Co.

House team- Ensemble Improv Cast

Jeff Thompson- Coach

LA Comedy Festival 365 (various shows)

Comedy Gold Improv Team


Improv 101

Upright Citizens Brigade

Julie Brister (2011)

Improv 201

Upright Citizens Brigade

Mike Leffingwell

Improv 301

Upright Citizens Brigade

Eugene Cordero

Improv 401

Upright Citizens Brigade

Todd Fasen

Improv 401- Advanced Program member!

Upright Citizens Brigade

Drew DiFonzio Marks (2013)

Advanced Improv- La Ronde

Upright Citizens Brigade

Alex Berg

Advanced Improv- Organic Harold

Upright Citizens Brigade

Will Hines

Advanced Improv- Harold

Upright Citizens Brigade

Johny Meeks

Advanced Improv- Monoscene

Upright Citizens Brigade

Julie Brister

Advanced Improv- Improv To Sketch

Upright Citizens Brigade

David Barton Harris

Advanced Improv- Scramble Form

Upright Citizens Brigade

Ari Voukydis

Advanced Harold

Upright Citizens Brigade

Shaun Diston


PACK Theater

Stroth,Candini, O'Connell

Advanced Improv, Improv (2006-7)

The Actors Improv-Los Angeles

David Magidoff

Short-form Improv

LA Comedy Connection

Kent Skov & Co.


Stand-up (various)

The Comedy Store, Icehouse, Flappers


Character Stand-up "DIrty Old Man"



Theatre (20 credits-Full list avail upon request)

Haunted Hell Hole

Sperm (Ensemble-Original Character)

Upright Citizens Brigade


Multiple Original Characters Shows

Upright Citizens Brigade


Multiple Original Characters

The Idiot Workshop/Clubhouse

The 8: Reindeer Monologues

Comet (Lead)

Cory Jacob- Director, Producer

A Tale of Two Cities

Sydney Carton (Lead)

University Theatre

The Glass Menagerie

Tom (Lead)


Once in a Lifetime

George Lewis (Lead)

Charles Jehlinger Theatre

The Sting

Hooker (Lead)

Sheboygan Theater Company


Callimaco (Lead)

University Theatre

The Big Knife

Charlie Castle (Lead)


Romeo and Juliet

Paris (Principle)

University Theatre


Euphorian (Principle)


Waiting for Lefty

Joe (Principle)

Charles Jehlinger Theatre

American Academy of Dramatic Arts - Full Program


On- Camera Audition

John Rosenfeld Studio

John Rosenfeld Co.

Sitcom/Genres/Private Coaching

Lesly Kahn & Co.

Lesly Kahn & Co.

On-Camera Sitcom Master Class

Actors Comedy Studio

Todd Rohrbacher

Sitcom Acting, Multi-Cam Class

Mary Lou Belli*

*Emmy-award winning Director

Series Reg Master Class, Aud Tech, Meisner

Jeremy O'Keefe (LA)

Jeremy O'Keefe

Clown Intensive

Dr. Brown (LA)

Dr. Brown

Pilot Season Audition Class (2014)

Holly Powell

Holly Powell

Advanced Acting Intensive (2013)

AIA Studios

Jason Alexander (of SEINFELD)

Sitcom Acting Technique Intensive

Actors Collective

Stan Zimmerman

Clowning, Physical Comedy

The Idiot Workshop

John Gilkey

On Camera Comedy

Scott Sedita Studios (LA)

Todd Rohrbacher

On Camera Comedy, Drama Intensive

Scott Sedita Studios (LA)

Scott Sedita

Method Acting (2 years)

Los Angeles

Ned Manderino-Master Coach

Comedy Writing

Sketch Comedy 101

Upright Citizens Brigade

Lee Rubenstein

Sketch Comedy 201

Upright Citizens Brigade

Eric Scott

Sketch Comedy (Complete Program)

Upright Citizens Brigade

Kevin Pederson

Character 1 (2016)

Upright Citizens Brigade

Hal Rudnick

Character 2 (2016)

Upright Citizens Brigade

Hal Rudnick

Characters (2016)

PACK Theater

Jeff Sloniker

Sketch Comedy 1

PACK Theater

Eric Moneypenny

Sketch Comedy 2

PACK Theater

Sam Brown

Sketch Comedy 3-Writing for TV (2017)

PACK Theater

Mike Upchurch

Sitcom Writing

IO West

Ed Lee

Sitcom Writing 2

IO West

Mark Amato

Original Pilot

PACK Theater

Stephanie Striesand

Digital Production (2016)

PACK Theater

Will Reese

Digital Production 2 (2016)

PACK Theater

Matt Lieberman

Digital Production 3 (2017) (CURRENT)

PACK Theater

Brian O'Connell

UCB improv and sketch program graduate advanced study VALID PASSPORT- Local Hire!--NY Chicago New Orleans Florida Deadpan Stand-up Impersonations Sketch Comedy Bowling(190 avg) Golf(18 Hdcp) Basketball(College) Rapiers Roofing/Siding Marathon Runner (3:29pr) Proud full-time single dad of twins Lloyd Phoenix and Luisa Pirate! (b. 6-24-10) Instagram: @whatacharacter_ (FOUNDER-DAILY VIDEOS!) Instagram: @actorcoryjacob Lovechild Of Bill Murray and John C Reilly with Andy Kaufman

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6'

Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short


Improv-Long+Short form, Left-handed, Sketch Comedy, Sketch/Comedy writing, Impressions, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Combat - Stage, Golf, Running - Long Distance, Comedian, Impressionist, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Singer, Ventriloquist, Vocal Range: Baritone, Vocal Style: Rapper, Minnesota Accent, Southern Accent