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Brittany Brook


EMC-40 weeks


Soprano E3-C5

Weight: 112 lbs

Height: 5’5”

New York Theatre

The Berenstain Bears LIVE! Off-BWAY Tour

Gran Bear, Nat. Off Bway Tour

Nancy Renee Braun

Richard III

Lady Anne, Musician

Alberto Bonilla

Chutzpah! the Musical

Crystal (Lead)

Deborah Geffner

New York Film


Sara (Lead)

Beast of the East Productions


Eliza (Lead)

Cello Cruz, DP

Rumi's Rumba

Melanie (Featured Extra)

Ramfis Myrthil, Prod.

Regional Theatre

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Troilus & Cressida

Cressida u/s (performed)

Scott Kaiser, Coach

Romeo & Juliet

Juliet u/s, Ensemble

Laird Williamson

Fort Peck Summer Theatre

The Best Little Whorehouse...

Doatsy Mae, Eloise

Andy Meyers

Montana Shakes School Tour

The Tempest

Trinculo, Miranda Story

Joel Jahnke

Idaho Repertory Theatre

The Dining Room

3rd Actress

Forrest Sears

Workshops & Seminars

Telsey & Co., NYC

Film Intensive

Karyn Casl, CSA

Liz Lewis Casting, NYC

Commercial Audition Class

Rachel Reiss, CSA

The Pearl Theatre, NYC

Advanced Shakespeare Scene Study

Dominic Cuskern

The Shakespeare Forum, NYC


Felipe Valle Costa

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Shakespeare's Language

David & Rebecca Carey

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Elizabethan Stage Projection

Scott Kaiser


BFA University of Idaho, 2011

David Lee-Painter

Chris DuVal

Forrest Sears (Emeritus)

Special Skills

Fluent in Spanish

Affinity for Dialects & Voices

Driver's License


Sight Read, Tabs, Play by Ear


Stage Combat Training




Acoustic Guitar

Harmonica (with guitar)


Affinity for Learning Any Instrument! Guitar=primary instrument Piano=secondary

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 112 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Honey Brown

Hair Length: Shoulder Length


Excellent Memorizer, Great with kids, Photogenic, Strong Harmonizer, Basketball, Combat - Stage, Running - General, Swimming - ability - general, Yoga, Dance Jazz, Dance Tap, Guitar, Harmonica, Impressionist, Licensed Driver, Piano, Singer, Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano, British - BBC English Accent, British - Cockney Accent, French Accent, Irish Accent, Minnesota Accent, New York Accent, Russian Accent, Scottish Accent, Southern Accent, Spanish Accent, Texan Accent, Fluent Spanish