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Name: Antonio Smith

Ph: 678-886-1975/ 404 -573-2775/

Special Skills:

Set PA, Improv, Memorization,Great Performer,Very Photogenic

Engaging, Great Gamer, Great Salesman, Great Social Skills

Charming, Modeling, Soulful dancer, Funny, Personality,

Loves watching movies, Good work ethic, Professional

Comes to work on time

Additional Attributes: Height: 5'7, Weight: 124, DOB:9-30-90

Drama actor, Great sense of humor, Loves fashion,

Great smile, Loves fries and Chicken Tenders-Loves them!


Night School- Featured- Will Packer Productions

Best Of Enemies- Featured- Tremolo Production Company

All Eyez On Me- Extra- Morgan Creek Production

Flim: Turnt- Featured- Metrowealth

Bolden- Principal - Bolden Productions

Selma- Featured - Selma Productions-LLC

Hunger Games - Feature - C4 Seashore

Million Dollar Arm- Principal- ESP Entertainment

Tree Widow- Principal- Keep The Faith Films

American Pie Reunion- Extra

Premature- Principal- Morningwood

The Change Up- Principal- Fastball


Quad- Extra - Will Packer Productions

Nappily Everafter- Featured- Nappily Productions

Valor- Featured- Warner Bros. , CBS Studios

Blacklightning- Featured- PP2 Productions

Vampire Diaries- Featured- Bonanza Productions

Originals - Principal - Bonanza Productions

Devious Maids-Featured -Lionsgate/Color Face

Meet The Browns Extra - Tyler Perry Studios

Fashion Show- Atlanta Film and Fashion


On Camera l & ll / Improv- Premier Actor's Studio

One On One Coaching- Premier Actor's Studio

One On One: Improv- Janice Kent

The Company Acting Studio: Auditioning- Lisina Stoneburner

Chez Studios: Connecting With The Script- Phyllis Katz

Industry Film Intensive -The Company Acting Studio

Chez Studios: Film Workshop- Steve Coulter


Underage Drinking- Principal- CNN

Special Skills and Interest: Good work ethic,Great salesman,improv, memorization. Set PA, Great performer, Very Photogenic, Great Social skills, Soulful dancer, Great sense of self, Funny, Great Personality, Good work ethic, Engaging and Professional. Hobbies: Rapping and Modeling.

Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 124 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Short


Commerials, Gamer, Great Performer, Great Sales Person, Improv, Memorization, Modeling, Natural Personality, Photogenic, Set PA, Versital Performer, Gymnastics, Host, Improvisation, Modeling, Voiceover, African Accent